How To Make A Fairy Costume

How To Make A Fairy Costume

A fairy costume is one of the quickest, easiest Halloween outfits to put together, especially on a limited budget and little time. All you need is an old short-sleeved or sleeveless dress and some gauzy fabric, plus a few accessories.

Start with an old solid-colored dress. Measure to your knee and cut the bottom half at that point so it falls just above the knee. Then, cut triangular grooves into the hemline so that the fabric extends into points, like the tips of flower petals. Do this several times around the perimeter of the dress, forming five to seven petals, leaving the ends slightly ragged if you desire. (For a Shakespearean fairy, the dress is complete at this point, elsewise, please continue on to the next step.)

If you have some gauzy or shimmery fabric to spare, attach some to a belt in the same style you just cut your dress into, forming a skirt. Wear this on top of the dress to create a layered look. Experimenting with colors here can produce some interesting outfits, so try combining several shades to create something unique. Line the dress with artificial flowers, sequins, rhinestones, or sparkles.

Wear your hair in an updo if it is long, and adorn it with flowers of a nosegay. A wreath of baby’s breath looks good on long or short hair.

A long scarf of soft material can be wound around your shoulders, waist or neck, depending on whether you are adding wings to the final product. Sew some fabric to several elastics and cut the petal shapes again to create armlets or anklets (especially recommended if you are going barefoot or in slippers).

Ballet slippers or look-alikes are an excellent choice of footwear for this costume. Going barefoot is also an option if you will be in someone’s house, however, you may want to consider using adhesive to attach some kind of protection to the bottoms of your feet, such as a cut-out insole.

Wings can be either made or bought for fairly cheap. To fashion your own wings, you will need steel wire (16 gauge), wire clippers, pantyhose in your wing color (ensure that it is stretchy; support hose does not work well), sewing supplies, elastic, markers, duct tape, and glitter or other adornments. Form the wire into a large figure eight, ensuring that both loops are the same size. Wrap duct tape around the center to hold it together and cover any sharp ends.

Remove the legs of the pantyhose from the torso and pull a leg piece over one half of figure eight. Adjust it accordingly and form the loop into whatever wing shape you desire. Once that is complete, sew the piece of the hose at the center to affix it and trim the excess with scissors. Repeat this process for the other wing.

Decorate your wings using markers, glitter, tinsel, fringe, rhinestones, or whatever else comes to mind. Then, sew pieces of elastic to the wings to put your arms through so the wings will stay attached.

Customize your costume with a theme if you like, such as attaching bells to your wrists, neck, and ankles, or adding streamers made of tinsel to your clothing. Finish off the outfit by adding a choker or bangle bracelets, or carrying an accessory such as a jar of fairy dust and a star-tipped wand.

Customize your costume

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