How to make a eucalyptus wreath

How to make a eucalyptus wreath

How to make a Eucalyptus Wreath


  • wire wreath form
  • eucalyptus(10-20 bunches, cut into 4-6″ pieces)
  • spool of floral wire(thin to medium gauge)
  • wire cutters
  • glue gun
  • dried flowers(for accent)
  • ribbon/bows

Prepare the eucalyptus by cutting the stems into 4-6″ pieces. Next, wire a few pieces together to form a bunch.

After the bunches of eucalyptus are prepared, lay one bunch on top of the wire form. With your left hand, hold the eucalyptus and the frame together with the wire spool underneath the frame. Holding the spool bring the wire around the eucalyptus and wind around several times until tight and secure. Add the next bunch of eucalyptus, slightly overlapping the previous bunch and wire in the same manner.

Continue like this around the entire wreath. When you’ve reached the end of the wreath, be sure to lay the last bunch under the first and wire, making sure the wire and the wreath form is not visible. If the wreath is not full enough, go back and wire on some more eucalyptus to fill in the gaps and to add fullness.

You may want to leave the wreath as is, just eucalyptus or you may want to add some accent pieces. The accent pieces can help hide some wire or the wreath form if it was not completely covered by the eucalyptus. Adding dried flowers or ribbons and bows can add color, too.

You can start by cutting dried flowers and gluing them onto the eucalyptus with a glue gun. You can put the flowers all over the wreath or cluster them together in a design. A bow is often nice on a wreath as it gives the wreath some color and also makes it look more finished.

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