How to make a duct tape wallet

How to make a duct tape wallet

It is well known that duct tape can be used to effectively fix many things, but did you know you could make a really cool wallet?

Duct tape wallets are very sturdy, and they often outlast top-quality leather wallets. Duct tape doesn’t just come in silvery gray. This versatile tape is available in clear, as well as a wide range of colors.

To make a duct tape wallet you will need thin but sturdy cardboard, various colors of duct tape, scissors, a pencil, and a ruler. Optional supplies are small stencils of your choice, clear duct tape, a craft knife, and a small sheet of clear plastic.

Cut the cardboard so you have 2 pieces that are 4 ½ inches wide by 9 inches long. You will also need a piece that is 2 inches by 4 ½ inches, and 2 pieces that are 3 inches by 4 ½ inches. Use a ruler to be sure the pieces are exactly the same length and width.

Evenly wrap each piece of cardboard with duct tape in the color of your choice. Position the small tape covered pieces at the end of one of the largest pieces of wrapped cardboard. This small tape covered pieces of cardboard can serve as pockets for credit cards, business cards, licenses, or anything else you choose. Begin by placing a piece that is 3 inches by 4 ½ inches at the end of the 9-inch by 4-½ inch piece. Position the 2-inch by 4-½-inch piece on top, lining it up at the end as well. Secure the edges with either matching or contrasting duct tape.

A pocket at the opposite end can be used for additional business cards or other items, or you could use it to display an identification card or license. Using a craft knife cut a bordered rectangle from the center of the 3-inch by 4-½-inch piece of cardboard. Position this piece at the other end of the 9-inch by 4-½-inch section. Place a sheet of clear plastic on the back, and secure the edges with either matching or contrasting duct tape.

Put the two sides of the wallet together, making sure the part with pockets is on the outside. Secure the sides and bottom with matching or contrasting duct tape. Use more than one layer if necessary so the wallet will hold together securely.

Fold the finished wallet, and set something heavy on it for several hours or until it remains in a folded position. Doing so will allow it to remain creased when it is not in use.

Further, decorate the wallet with shapes or designs cut out from pieces of colored duct tape. Either draw the designs freehand or use stencils. Carefully cut them out using sharp scissors, and stick them to the finished wallet. Add a layer of protection to the wallet by covering the decorated side with clear duct tape. That way the duct tape appliqués will stay on, and the clear tape will allow the underlying designs to be seen.

Try cutting out stripes or geometric shapes using decorative-edge scissors or pinking shears. Use colors to match a specific purse or article of clothing.

Make a rainbow wallet by starting with a base of white duct tape. Draw and cut out curved strips of duct tape in the shape of a rainbow.

Create a flower print wallet by cutting out circles and sticking them to the wallet to form a flower. Use yellow tape for the center, and color of your choice for the surrounding petals.

Make a personalized wallet by drawing and cutting out your initials. This style of wallet can be designed to match an initial purse.

Make a beautiful butterfly wallet by cutting out a pair of matching black wings. Stick them to a blue background, and decorate the wings using colored pieces of duct tape.

Make an extremely cool glitter-covered wallet by coating the front side with spray adhesive. Cover the adhesive with a layer of glitter. Shake off any excess glitter, and after the adhesive dries, wrap the glitter-covered wallet with clear duct tape.

Create a star-covered wallet by tracing small plastic stars or star-shaped stencils on duct tape of your choice. Paint the stars with clear craft glue, and sprinkle on the glitter of your choice. Allow the glue to dry, and cover the finished wallet with clear duct tape.

Duct tape wallets make nice gifts for friends and family. They will never believe these attractively sturdy wallets are made from duct tape.

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