How to make a dream pillow

How to make a dream pillow

Once upon a time, sleeping beauties laid their heads on pillows perfumed with sweet rushes and dried hops, that is how these little pillows got the name of dream pillows.

All households made wide use of herbs and spices in pillows and sachets, for both the fragrance and medicinal value. Day pillows would release a portion of the fragrance each time someone leaned back against them, dream pillows were placed under the regular pillow or inside the pillowcase. These were used mostly to help promote sleep and pleasant dreams. Even today you can visit many stores worldwide and find dream pillows for sale.


2 pieces of your choice of material, any size or shape
Herbs and Spices (your choice)
Stuffing (optional)
Essential oils (your choice)
Zip Lock baggy
Ribbons and lace (optional)


Making your own dream pillows not only save you money, but using essential oils increases their effectiveness and makes reviving them so much easier. The day before you are going to make the dream pillows take the herbs and spices you have chosen for stuffing and put in the zip lock baggy. Now add several drops of the essential oil or oils of your choice.

How many drops to use depends on the size of the dream pillow and the strength of the herbs and spices you are planning on using. With herbs and spices, three to four should be sufficient, but if using stuffing fifteen or twenty would be better. Seal bag and shake well to disperse all the oil, leave overnight so that the oils will be absorbed completely.

For sleep dreams, pillows use chamomile, lavender, neroli, marjoram, valerian, nutmeg, or hops. All of these essential oils help promote a restful, goodnight sleep. For the day pillows, you might want to consider matching the essential oils with the herbs and spices you have used or make and match a different fragrance to each different room. Nice ones to start out with are lemon, clary sage, geranium, and sweet orange.

To make your dream pillow all you will need is two pieces of material, any size or shape that you want. Stitch along three sides of the material, then turn it right side out, leaving an opening large enough to add herbs, spices or stuffing. Take the herbs and spice or stuffing out of your baggy and stuff this into your dream pillow, when you have it filled about 3/4 full fold over the ends and stitch closed.

After a few weeks if your dream pillow seems to be losing all its fragrance, here is a way to revive it: open a small corner of the pillow and add a few drops of your essential oils onto the herbs or stuffing and stitch back closed. If you don’t want to go to that trouble then just put a few drops of essential oils on the outside of the pillow and let dry.

With creativity and imagination you can make wonderful tailor-made gifts for family and friends. You can decorate your dream pillow with a number of odds and ends, left over ribbons, buttons, and lace. Sweet dreams.

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