How to make a door knocker

How to make a door knocker

You’ve probably have seen many door knockers. You might even have one on your front door! Usually, a door knocker is made out of some type of metal, like brass. And, they are shaped pretty much the same. They are rather oval in shape with a metal hinged knocker. The knocker usually resembles a horseshoe in shape.

These door knockers are manufactured by the millions, and they are rather boring. But, you can make your own unique door knocker by following the instructions in this article!

Your unique door knocker will be made out of Pine wood. Pine wood is lightweight, easy to work with, and it’s inexpensive. You’ll need a piece of wood that measures eight inches wide, is eight inches long, and is a half inch thick. This piece will serve as the base, as well as the door knocker. You’ll see how this works as we progress.

Now, you’ll need to choose your favorite animal, flower, Zodiac sign, hobby, number, symbol, et cetera. Let’s say that you collect teddy bears as a hobby. You can make yourself a unique teddy bear door knocker!

To do this, take the piece of Pine wood and use a ruler to measure in two inches on each side. Mark these measurements with a lead pencil. Then, draw lines to connect the marks on all four sides.

You’ll need to use a scroll saw to carefully cut out this inside square of wood. Then, draw an outline of a teddy bear on the square. If you’re not good at freehand drawing, you can find a picture in a coloring book and trace it onto the wood with a lead pencil. Make sure the bear drawing shows it sitting down with its feet stuck out in front of it.

Then, use another piece of Pinewood and trace the teddy bear’s feet onto it. Cut these two pieces out too. Place these cut-outs on top of the bear’s original feet, and use a good quality wood glue to secure them together. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly according to the manufacturer’s directions on the container.

Before you assemble your teddy bear door knocker, you’ll need to take the outer piece of Pine and sand it down smoothly. Make sure that you sand down the inside especially well. Then, sand down the actual bear too, paying particular attention to the edges.

Now, you’ll need to attach a small hinge to the top of the teddy bear’s head and to the inside of the frame. The screws for the hinge will be tiny, so you’ll need to use a small screwdriver to carefully secure them on. After the hinge is attached, make sure that you can raise the bear up and down by pulling up on one of its raised feet.

Finally, you’ll need to attach a metal hanger to the back of your bear door knocker. Then, you can paint the bear in any way you choose. Remember to detail its ears, fur, eyes, nose, cheeks, mouth, and feet to make it even cuter. You can even paint a cute little outfit on it if you choose!

Allow the paint to dry thoroughly before you proceed. If your unique door knocker is going to be hung on your front door in the weather, you should give it a couple of coats of a protective varnish.

After that, your new unique door knocker is ready to hang on your front door!

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