How to make a doily for your home

How to make a doily for your home

On end tables all across the world, you can find doilies of all shapes, colors, and sizes. These crocheted table toppers have become a home decor staple. Early doilies were round and made of a white or off-white cotton crochet thread. Today’s doilies are diverse shapes, colors, and are made of various materials. Despite the transformation of how the doilies look they are still quite easy to make. With a little creativity, you can whip one up in a matter of minutes.

Many patterns are available in crochet magazines and online websites. The easiest doily to make, however, is the one from a pattern you create yourself. Doily construction is very simple and straightforward. Start with a small chain joined to become the center of your doily. Using chains and connecting to the center of chain loops you can make a lacy looking doily. Use your own skill and experience to try different stitches and methods. The basic idea is to use rounds until you reach the desired size.

Another doily construction method is to use a filet-type pattern (made using a chain and building upon it with other chains shaping tiny squares) that will make a square or rectangle doily. Making your own pattern may involve some mistakes, but pulling out a few stitches and redoing will all be worth it when you can tell visitors you made that stunning doily yourself. This simple project can be an easy way to dress up your home or be a nice gift. Doilies are a quick project that can result in an amazing end product.

Don’t forget that the supplies you choose also help in making the end result truly yours. You will need either yarn or crochet thread and a crochet needle. Yarn results in a thick doily while crochet thread produces a delicate look. The color choice is up to you and with the many choices available you are only limited by your own creativity. You should need only one skein or if you have scraps leftover from previous projects those should work too. The needle you use will depend on the material and what you want your doily to look like.

If you are using a pattern from a magazine or website the needle size should be listed. If you are creating your own pattern you can experiment with some practice rounds to see what your choice will produce. The combination of material, colors, and needle size will mix up the end result. Don’t limit yourself by what a pattern says or what you think a doily must look like. From one pattern you can create a variety of doilies just by mixing up the supplies you use.

The sense of satisfaction that comes from creating something to make your home beautiful is shown in every doily you make. Each choice from the colors to the pattern is all up to you. A doily is a way to make your home unique and show off your sense of personal style. From antique to modern, doilies will always be a part of home decor all around the world. Go ahead and design your doily so you can bring a classic into your home today.

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