How to make a dog cuddler lounger

How to make a dog cuddler lounger

Is your dog a real member of the family?

Does he have his own lounger? If not it’s time that he does. Dogs love to lounge around so why not give them their own lounger and they won’t be hogging yours. A pet cuddler is something like a pet bed only more comfortable. It has sides for the pet to rest his head and has an opening for him to enter and exit.

Use a plastic clothes basket to make the cuddler shape. Cut the top two-thirds of the basket off and discard. In the center of the front of the basket cut a “U” shape for the entryway. Purchase a foam piece about three inches thick. Shape the piece to fit the bottom of the basket. Measure from the inside bottom edge to over the top and down to the outside bottom edge.

Cut a piece of four-inch-thick foam this size. Glue the foam to the inside of the basket, all the way around. Fold the foam over the top of the basket, gluing the foam to the shape of the entry opening. Some trimming of the foam may be necessary to confirm the foam to the shape of the opening. Continue gluing the foam on the outside of the basket until the entire basket is covered with foam.

Select virtually any fabric for the cuddler, from corduroy to cotton to flannel. Measure over the foam from the inside edge to the outside edge. Add three inches to this measurement. Measure from the edge of the entry opening, around the basket and back to the opening edge. Cut the strip this length plus two inches. Cut another piece of fabric the general size of the inside bottom area.

Using spray-on adhesive for the upholstery portion of the project will make things much easier. Begin by gluing the fabric strip to the middle of the entry opening. Glue and shape the fabric to go up out of the opening and around the edges of the basket. Smooth fabric from the inside bottom edge, up and over to the outside bottom edge as you go along. You should end in the center of the entryway, where you began. Tuck under a half-inch of fabric at the end then glue it over the edge of the initial piece. The basket should now be covered on the inside walls, the outside walls and the top edge.

Glue the piece which fits into the bottom in its place, tucking the edges between the basket and the foam. You can make another pad that can be tossed in the bottom then removed for laundering. Simply cut two circles, squares or rectangles, depending upon the shape of the basket. Sew them with right sides together but leave a small opening for turning and stuffing the pillow. Fill the pillow and stitch shut.

Another way to make the pet cuddler is to use a heavy-duty cardboard box. Cutaway the upper portion of the box leaving only the bottom and shallow sides. Cut the “U” opening for entering and add the foam. Upholstery in the same way as you would the plastic basket.

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