How to make a diaper cake

make a diaper cake

What is a diaper cake? A diaper cake is a very nice and festive baby shower gift! The diaper cake is also often given as a gift at a baby shower. In this article we tell you everything about the diaper cake, we explain how you can easily make a diaper cake yourself and we answer all questions.

What do you need to make a diaper cake?

  • Diapers (advice is to use size 3 or 4) we explain this further in this article. To make a beautiful cake you need at least 60 diapers.
  • A nice ribbon (for example, can be in the color of the gender or the nursery)
  • Transparent wrapping film
  • A plate, placemat, or tray in a round shape to put the diaper cake on
  • Colored rubber bands, you can also do it with a string or a ribbon
  • A few wooden sticks to strengthen the cake
  • Something nice to put on the cake. For example a nice toy or a nice hug

How much does a diaper cake cost

A diaper cake can be made for about 15 to 20 euros. You can also buy them ready-made, the price is slightly higher, click here for some examples of ready-made diaper cakes. The best part is, of course, when you make the cake yourself. The price of a diaper cake depends on a number of different factors:

  • What brand of diapers do you use? A brand like Pampers is often slightly more expensive than a private label diaper.
  • What size diapers do you choose? Often the rule is, the bigger the diaper the higher the price.
  • How big do you make the diaper cake? The more diapers, the more expensive the cake.
  • What gift will you put on the diaper cake? You can make this as crazy as you want and also make it as big.
  • Do I make the cake myself or do I buy the diaper cake ready-made.

Which diapers do I use for a diaper cake?

You can use any brand of diapers for your diaper cake, so it does not matter which diapers you use. It is nice to buy diapers that can be used later. Diapers of the brand Pampers are often used to make a cake. We would like to advise you to buy the diapers in at least size 3 or 4. Then the cake does not have to be opened immediately and everyone can enjoy it for a while. You also know for sure that this site will be used, this is not always certain with a diaper in size 1. In this example, we assume a diaper cake with approximately 60 diapers.

How to diaper cake? step-by-step guide!

Step 1: Gather all the materials we described at the beginning of this article

Step 2: Grab, or make the coaster. This is the plate on which you will make the diaper cake. The best thing is to use a round plate. You can use a wooden plate that you saw to size or a piece of strong cardboard that can hold the weight. You can wrap the plate with a nice wrapping paper, aluminum foil or wallpaper to give it a nice personal touch.

Step 3: Start rolling up the diapers. You have to do this as tightly as possible because that gives the best result. Pick up a diaper from the top (this is where the fasteners are) and put it down. Roll the diaper down super tight from the closures and put a rubber band or ribbon around it when you have rolled it up completely. Watch this video.

Step 4: Start with the bottom layer of the diaper cake. This layer can consist of approximately 33 diapers. Place the diapers upright in a round circle and tie a ribbon around it. Insert one or two double crochets in the middle of the first layer from top to bottom. This way you will put the second layer on it later and then it can’t slide. If you give the stick the right height, you can also pin the first layer through it. Well done, you just made the first layer of your diaper cake! Repeat this one more time with about 17 diapers to make the middle layer. And at the end again with 9 diapers to make the top of the cake.

Step 5: Put a nice toy or a nice stuffed animal for the baby on the cake. You choose something nice yourself to decorate the cake as beautifully as possible.

Step 6: Take the transparent foil and wrap the cake nicely. Tie it in a nice bow and you have a really beautiful gift. The nice thing is that this gift is also really useful.

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