How to make a diaper cake

make a diaper cake

How to make a diaper cake

Simple to make and chock full of baby necessities, a diaper cake makes the perfect gift for a baby shower. A diaper cake is both practical and beautiful as it not only serves as a perfect table centerpiece, it can be created to hold a multitude of baby necessities as well as the diapers themselves.

Depending on the wants of the expectant mom, you can create a diaper cake with both disposable and cloth diapers. By following a few simple directions, even a novice can bake a perfect diaper cake.

Items needed for a three-tiered disposable diaper cake:

To create the cake tiers:

Cut the narrow ribbon into 50 one-foot length sections, reserving the remaining ribbon to use later. Roll each disposable diaper to form a cylinder. If you would like the decorative picture on the diaper to show, roll from the back to the front.

Tie each rolled diaper with a piece of the narrow ribbon. Fold both of the baby blankets into rectangles about the same width as the diapers are high. Roll them into two fat cylinders and tie each securely with a piece of the narrow ribbon. Once all the diapers and the two blankets are rolled and tied with ribbon, begin the assembly of the cake starting with the top tier.

Using the candy filled baby bottle as the center of the tier, stand 5 or 6 diapers around the bottle and tie them securely with a piece of the narrow ribbon. To create the second tier, use one rolled blanket as the center of the tier and stand approximately 15 diapers around the blanket. Tie securely with a piece of the narrow ribbon. The third and bottom tier will take 25-27 diapers. Begin with the second rolled blanket, surround it with 15 diapers, tie it securely and then surround it with the rest of the diapers and tie it again securely.

To assemble the cake:

Place the bottom cake tier on the cardboard platter. Tack down the diapers with the scotch tape. Keep in mind the cake will be taken apart, so try to secure the diapers without later causing them to tear apart. Attach the middle and top tier with tape in the same manner. Tuck the baby items into the ribbon all around the cake making sure they are tucked in snugly. Wrap the 1-inch ribbon around each finished tier to give a finished look and to help further secure the baby gifts.

If you choose to use cloth diapers instead of disposable, use forty-five pre-folded diapers. Instead of rolling each diaper individually as you did with the disposable diapers, begin with one diaper rolled around the candy-filled baby bottle. Continue rolling the diapers around the bottle until you’ve rolled in five diapers. Secure with ribbon. The second layer will use 12 diapers rolled around one baby blanket and the third (bottom) tier will use 28 diapers rolled around the blanket. Attach the tiers with the diaper pins instead of scotch tape.

Any number of gifts can be tucked into the cake or even rolled into the diapers for a further surprise. A baby blanket or baby towel can be wrapped around the outside of each tier and secured with diaper pins to create a more finished look.

A toy or stuffed animal will make a great cake topper. Silk rose buds can be tucked strategically into the ribbon around the sides of the cake for added flair. Coordinate the color of the ribbon and the rosebuds to the sex of the baby. Your imagination is the only limitation when it comes to this fun baby shower party gift.

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