How to make a devil costume

How to make a devil costume

Halloween is fast approaching and you do not want to be one of those lame parents that take your kids trick-or-treating wearing only an old pair of sweats and a torn t-shirt. Or maybe you have a Halloween party to attend and you don’t want to feel like the odd man out with no costume. Meanwhile, your budget doesn’t have enough room for you to buy an expensive costume from the costume shop or party store. Why not go the old school route and be a devil? It’s cheap and easy to make your own devil costume from scratch. All you need are the horns, the tail, the cape, and the pitchfork.

To make the horns, buy a cheap black thin cotton headband. You will also need some red or black felt (depending on what color you want your horns to be). Cut out two felt horn-shaped pieces and either sew or hot glue them to the headband. If you were looking at a clock, you would want the horns to be at the two and ten o’clock positions on your head. If you want your horns to be a little fuller, cut out four felt horn-shaped pieces and glue two of the felt pieces together to form a sort of horn tube (almost like a cornucopia). Glue these thicker horns onto the headband.

For the tail, cut out a piece of red felt about two and a half to three inches wide and approximately two feet long. Lay the piece of felt flat and directly down the middle of it, put a line of cotton balls or pillow stuffing. Fold up the tail around the stuffing (like a taco) and pin the two seams together with sewing pins (the sewing pins are temporary). Sew both ends of the tail shut as well as the entire length of the tail. Once you have your sewn up tail, cut out a triangular piece of red felt, about half the size of your palm. Sew or glue this piece to the end of your tail to form the devil’s pointed tail.

Surprisingly, the cape is the easiest part of the devil’s costume to make. It is also optional, so you can choose not to make one at all. Get a piece of red satiny material that is approximately one foot shorter than your own height and about three feet wide. Gather one side of the width of the cape into an accordion shape. Using a hole puncher or scissors (keeping the side gathered), punch a hole or cut out a hole that goes through all of the gathered layers. Slide a red piece of rope or thin ribbon through the hole. Make sure the rope or ribbon is long enough that it can easily slide through all of the layers and tie around your neck without being uncomfortable. Now you can tie the cape around your neck. For a fancier bottom portion of the cape, make it look ragged by cutting out triangular shapes from the bottom.

For the pitchfork, get an old broomstick (minus the actual broom) and wrap it tightly with thick red ribbon so that you cannot see the wooden broomstick underneath it or spray paint it red (if you don’t need the broomstick anymore). You will also need three small wooden dowels and some nails. Tie a red ribbon around the dowels (like you did with the broomstick) or spray paint them red. About one foot down from the top of the broomstick, nail one of the dowels evenly across, perpendicular to the broomstick. At each end of that dowel, nail in the other two dowels so they are parallel to the broomstick. This will give you a red pitchfork.

You will want to wear either all black or all red underneath your cape. If you are a woman, you can get away with a black or red leotard and some tight black or red stretch pants. A man will probably want to wear a tight black cotton shirt and some black slacks.

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