How to make a detachable bathing suit skirt

How to make a detachable bathing suit skirt

Want a quick wrap-around to cover your bathing suit bottoms? Make a skirt that is removable to match your bathing suit. The skirt can be short, knee-length, or ankle-length. Choose a breezy, flowing fabric that is comfortable and lightweight. Choose a color that is apparent in the bathing suit or a coordinating design.

Try on the bathing suit bottoms to see what size is needed for the skirt pieces. Measure just around the top hem of the bottoms. Add two inches to this measurement. Cut a piece of fabric five inches by the hip measurement. Set aside. Fold the material in half and cut two pieces for the skirt. Cut the skirt as full or straight as you want. For a straight skirt take the hip measurement, add four inches, and cut. For a full skirt take the hip measurement times two. Cut the desired skirt length and you’re ready to sew.

Place the skirt, right sides together, under the machine, and stitch one side seam. Now fold over a half-inch then another half-inch and hem both sides of the skirt, from waist to bottom hem. Set aside temporarily. Fold each of the ends of the band under a half-inch. Now fold the band in half, lengthways, with wrong sides together. Pin into place, allowing a half-inch on each long end for tucking. As soon as you’ve pinned the corner put one edge of the skirt into the band.

The top edge of the skirt should touch the inside fold of the band. Straight skirts can be pinned into the band with no problem. Full skirts have to be gathered as you pin the band. To make this easier fold the band in half and mark both sides. Now fold in half again and mark. Do the same to the full skirt marking fourths. As you’re pinning the skirt to the band scrunch it together, between the band pieces, until the marks align on the skirt and band.

When the entire skirt and band is pinned begin sewing, staying close to the edge of the band. Make sure that the band is equally aligned front and back so that the stitches go through the edge of the band on each side. When finished place velcro dots on one inside edge and one outside edge of the top skirt band.

Place velcro at various spots on the inside of the skirt band, using the rough portion of the velcro. For some bathing suits, the rough side of the velcro will grab the bathing suit and no velcro is needed on the suit itself. Some fabrics aren’t grabbed by the velcro and additional velcro pieces are needed on the bathing suit bottoms.

Be discreet about putting the velcro on the bathing suit. Black velcro on an orange bathing suit, for instance, will stick out like a sore thumb. If the bathing suit has a pattern hide the velcro dots in it. If not, use permanent markers to color the velcro a similar color to the suit.

Wrap the bathing suit around the top hem of the bathing suit bottoms when ready to wear. The skirt closes with velcro dots at the waistband.

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