How to make a desktop note holder

How to make a desktop note holder

Gather the bills, the statements, and other paperwork from your desk and store them in a new note holder that you make yourself. Scraps of wood and a clothespin are all you need, well maybe a little paint, too. Use one piece of wood that is about 4″ X4″X3/4″, square. The next piece of wood will stand up and go from one corner of the first wood piece to the other corner. This piece should also be about 3/4″ thick but should stand 2-1/4″ on one end and 3-1/4″ on the other end.

Cut the top at an angle, from the short end to the taller end. Glue the angled piece of wood, with angle side upward, to the base, from one corner to the opposite corner. While the glue is drying, glue a clothespin on top of the angled wood. Attach it to where the mouth of the clothespin is placed at the high end of the wood. Glue and hold in place until dry. Now cut a very thin strip of wood, about a 16th of an inch thick, an inch wide, and 3-1/2″ long and glue it to the top of the clothespin, aligning it to where the end of the wood piece is about even with the mouth of the clothespin. After everything is dry, your note holder is ready to paint.

Use any paint that is appropriate for wood, but making the note holder two different colors looks very nice. Paint the clothespin, angled wood piece and the top of the base one color, then the piece of wood on top of the clothespin and around the edges of the base, a different color. Use two coats of each color and then glue a 4″X4″ piece of felt or cork to the bottom of the note holder.

Variations of the note holder include using a plastic, colored clothespin instead of a wooden one, then painting the edges of the base and the top wooden piece to match the clothespin. Use a small paintbrush to write NOTES on the front of the slanted wood piece, or use stick-on letters. There are so many different ways to personalize your note holder, like spreading glue on the top of the base, then sprinkling seed beads all over, or using the tiny rope to make a border around the base.

The top wooden piece that attaches to the clothespin can be decorated in dozens of ways. Use rub-ons to put flowers, vines, bumble bees or polka dots on it, then put matching decorations on the slanted wood piece and the base. You can use stickers, scrap book supplies, buttons, glitter or other enhancements for the project. You can also decoupage pictures on the note holder or attach a small ceramic animal to the top of the holder. Since the slanted piece of wood goes kitty-corner across the base, there is room on each side of the slanted piece, at the base, to set a small figurine or other novelty. You can also laminate a picture of your child, grandchild or pet and glue it to the center of the slanted wood piece.

For a man’s note holder, glue nuts and bolts all over the base, or glue on foam shapes of baseballs, footballs or other sports-related items. Paint the note holder in the colors of the man’s favorite team, or paint the entire note holder in metallic paint to make it look heavier and more masculine.

There are also many alternatives to using the wood piece for a base. You can use a blank cd holder, a square of styrene, or any other square object. The base can also be round, oval, or rectangular.

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