How to make a decorative garden flag pole

How to make a decorative garden flag pole

Garden flags look great on windy days or anytime. You can make flags of your own design out of brightly colored fabric very easily. Flags of almost any kind can be purchased also. The standard size for a garden flag is about fifteen inches by eighteen inches. Of course a flag can be made any size, but the flagpole must be the correct size to hold the flag. It must be strong enough to hold the flag on windy days and the pole should not be too flexible. Whatever the casing size is on the flag, that is the part that must be able to fit onto the pole.

Some flags have grommets that are used to attach the flag to a pole. The length of a flagpole should be in proportion to the size of the flag itself. For instance, a three foot by five foot flag should have at least an eight foot tall pole. A four foot by six foot flag needs a taller pole that is around nine to twelve feet. A flagpole is usually about one and a half inches in diameter, if it is made out of wood, aluminum or fiberglass.

If you make a flagpole from metal rod it does not have to be that large in diameter. It should be a size that is strong but able to be bent into shapes. The length of the rod will determine what size to get. Most garden flagpoles are not tall and usually stay around thirty-nine inches or so. This enables you to change out the garden flags as desired. Change the flags out for each season or whatever you want.

First of all decide on the size flag you are having in your garden. For a thirty-nine inch tall pole, the flag should be about fourteen inches wide. You can make the flag or purchase them in this size. If you want to have a taller pole you should use a larger diameter type of material. For instance for an eight foot tall pole the diameter should be about one and one-quarter inches. This will keep the pole from being too flexible. The taller the pole, the larger the diameter of the pole should be.

These directions are for a garden pole with a finished size of approximately thirty-nine inches tall (the part that is above the ground) and seventeen inches wide. You want to be able to stake this garden pole into a soft surface of ground area. It should go into the ground enough to make the flagpole sturdy, usually up to eight to twelve inches.

Purchase a piece of half-inch metal rod about eight feet in length. You may adjust the height to fit your design but this is the standard length that metal rod is sold. You can purchase it from a salvage yard or garden center for a few dollars. You don’t have to cut the rod because the length does not have to be exactly thirty-nine inches. The finished width does have to be the correct width to fit your flag.

The flagpole, when finished will look like an upside-down letter “L.” The rod can be bent into shape fairly easily using something firm, like a piece of two by four board, to bend it around. One end should be held in place while you take the other end of the rod and bend it to form the “L.” Put the two by four where you want it to bend. The bend should be about forty-eight inches from one end. Remember, this straight end will be staked into the ground about eight to twelve inches, leaving about thirty-nine inches above the ground.

If you want to make it more decorative you can make the bend into a circle. Just take the rod, placing the two by four board where you want it to bend, and bend the rod backward to the left, bending it around any round object about four inches or so in diameter. This object will help you shape the rod into a circle. Keep bending the rod back and down and then back around to the right. This is the part that the flag will actually hang from. This is the short part of the “L.”

The last few inches of the end of the rod that the flag will hang on (the short part of the “L”) will need to be bent upwards into a half-circle, back towards the main part of the flagpole, up and towards the left. The flag can then be put onto the flagpole from this end easily and still remain in place without falling off. Remember that the length of the rod where the flag will hang will need to match the width of the flag itself. If you have any excess rod after making all your decorative bends and turns you can cut it off using a hack saw. Or just make some more circles and bends to make the pole more decorative. The measurements do not have to be exact and the style is up to you.

Make it simple or make it more fancy by bending the rod into pretty shapes. However you decide to do it, it will look great and not be expensive or difficult to do. Display your garden flag with pride whether it is a welcome flag or a seasonal flag.

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