How to make a craft foam fishbowl

How to make a craft foam fishbowl

You can make a really cool undersea world using craft foam. The following project is for an undersea world contained in a unique craft foam fishbowl that can be hung on a wall for display. Use it to decorate a room with a tropical theme, or make one for friends or family who like tropical decor. This craft project is suitable for kids and adults, and makes a fantastic group project.

To make a craft foam fishbowl you will need a sheet of medium-blue craft foam, additional sheets of craft foam in colors of your choice, pointed scissors, thick craft glue, fine-tip markers in various colors, plastic craft eyes, sand, a hole punch, and clear thread. Optional supplies are iridescent glitter, small shells, small dried starfish, small dried seahorses, a small paintbrush, and plastic aquarium plants.

Begin the project by drawing the shape of a fishbowl on a sheet of medium-blue craft foam. Make the fishbowl as large or as small as you like. Carefully cut out the shape, and be sure to cut inside the lines so they don’t show.

Next you will need to make undersea creatures to inhabit the fishbowl. Use sheets of colored craft foam to create beautiful tropical fish. Use one color for the background of the fish, and layer other colors over those to give the fish an interesting three-dimensional look. For example, the body of a fish can be dark blue, and the fins can be yellow. Use your imagination to make new breeds of fish, or consult a guide to accurately reproduce specific breeds. Create starfish, seahorses, jellyfish, stingrays, and other interesting sea creatures for your fishbowl as well.

Now it’s time to begin gluing the fish and other creatures to the fishbowl. Carefully choose the placement of your creatures, and apply a moderate amount of craft glue to the backs of the craft foam cutouts. Press them into place, and handle the project carefully while the glue is drying. Remember you can add optional items to the fishbowl such as real dried starfish, seahorses, artificial aquarium plants, and small shells.

After the glue has dried you can begin adding detail to the craft foam fish and sea creatures. Use fine-tip markers to draw the outlines of fish scales, gills, fins, and facial features. Use colored markers that will either coordinate or contrast with the subjects. Complete the faces by gluing on appropriately sized plastic eyes. Allow the glue adequate time to dry.

Now you can begin adding the finishing touches to your craft foam fishbowl. Use a paintbrush to apply glue to fish scales. Carefully sprinkle on iridescent glitter to make the fish more eye-catching and realistic looking. Glitter may also be glued to the backs of seashells if you decide to use them for the project. Carefully shake off any excess glitter before continuing.

Add a layer of sand to the bottom of the craft foam fishbowl by first spreading on a layer of thick craft glue. Use a small paintbrush to apply glue around items already attached. Before the glue dries, sprinkle on a layer of either natural or colored sand. Shake off any excess sand over a trash receptacle, and allow the glue plenty of time to dry.

Complete the project by using a paper punch to create a small hole on either side of the top of the fish bowl. Tie a piece of clear thread to each hole, and hang the finished project.


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