How to make a cowboy or cowgirl costume

How to make a cowboy or cowgirl costume

Playing dress-up is a big thing for kids.

They enjoy having costumes that they can wear and play in. An always-popular costume is a cowboy or cowgirl.

Getting the costume together really is not very hard. There are Halloween costumes out there, but most children’s Halloween costumes are not made for play and fall apart quickly if given to the child for play. Although if you so desire just wait for the after Halloween sales and you can usually find a nice deal on costumes that you can just let your child play in until they fall apart.

If you wish to have a costume that lasts longer then you have a little bit more work to do. The best source of materials for your costume is a second-hand store. You can find great deals on used clothes that will work perfectly for a child’s play outfit.

For a shirt you generally look for a simple plaid for boys and something a little more colorful and frilly for girls in a basic button up shirt. You need nothing at all fancy.

Cover the shirt with a leather or leather vest or poncho. You can very often find a vest with western emblems already stitched on them to help give a more western feel to them.

Simple jeans are all you need for pants. Some girls might wish to wear skirts and skirts can be found with western-style stitching on them. If this is a costume for play you will want to make sure the skirt is going to hold up to kids being kids.

Of course for footwear you will want to get a pair of cowboy boots. Those are real easy to get a hold of in just about any size.

A good simple leather belt with an oversize buckle is the cowboy style.

If a child is playing cowboy that child will most likely wish to have a cowboy gun. You can find sets that include the holsters with them or let the child just stick the gun in their belt.

And what is a cowboy without a hat? Cheap cowboy hats are easy to find and will work fine for simple play. Some girls might wish to get something more decorative and those are out there as well. It is not hard to do some searching and find a variety of cowboy and cowgirl hats.

Items such as spurs, bandoliers and chaps are all nice pieces to get but are a little more complicated and could interfere with the child’s play. Such accessories should be used as desired by the child.

One thing to think about is the kind of cowboy or cowgirl you are going for. The common idea is that you use lighter, more pastel colors for a good guy and darker colors for a bad guy. If you were going for a more realistic idea of a cowboy, then you would stick with very neutral colors. Most times when dealing with children’s costumes one does not try for realism but for it to be colorful and fun.

Whatever you end up creating for a costume the important factor is that the child enjoys it. Try to make sure the child has some kind of say in just how the costumes is created so that they will be more likely to take care of the costume and get more enjoyment out of it.


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