How to make a copper wind chime

How to make a copper wind chime

Wind chimes should be pleasing to both the ears and the eyes. Copper is a perfect choice as it creates a lovely sound and the material will weather to a beautiful patina finish.
Material List

  • Screw feed tube cutter
  • ½” type M copper pipe
  • Dremel or drill with 1/16” bit
  • Hammer
  • Four 12” pieces 18 gauge copper wire
  • Nine 2” pieces 18 gauge copper wire
  • One 14” piece 18 gauge copper wire
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Twelve assorted glass beads with centers large enough that 18 gauge wire will easily slide through centers

Copper Drops

With the screw feed tube cutter, cut the copper pipe into one eight-inch section, one seven-inch section, two six-inch sections, and two four inch sections. After cutting each section, use the included de-burring tool that is on the tube cutter to remove any snags or sharp edges of each pipe end.

With the drill or Dremel, drill 1/8 inch down from one end of each eight-inch, six-inch, and four-inch pipe. Drill entirely through the circumference of each pipe. Set aside.

Copper Header

Take the seven-inch piece of pipe and pound flat with hammer. Drill one hole 1 ½” from end of flattened pipe, ¼” from edge, and drill across every ½” until 1 ½” from opposite end. You will have nine holes. Also, drill one hole in each corner of opposite edge for hanging wire. Set aside.

Bead Dangle Accents

The dangles of beads that will hang in between each section of pipe will be made freeform. There is no right or wrong way to create them. The addition of a few glass beads will also add color accents and character to the finished piece. By allowing yourself to be creative with the addition of beads, you will have created not only a beautiful copper wind chime, but a unique, one-of-a-kind set.

With needle nose pliers, form loop on end of one piece of 12” wire. Drop a bead onto wire. With pliers, form a series of small loops, place another bead on; repeat once more. When finished, you will have three beads on each wire section. Form a secure loop to end dangle. Repeat until you have created four bead dangles. If you would like to add more beads, do not hesitate. The fun of the addition of beads is that it gives the finished piece a personal touch! When all four dangles are complete, set aside.


Pick up one two-inch piece of wire and feed through both holes of one four-inch pipe. Feed one end through first hole on flattened pipe. With needle nose pliers, twist ends together tightly, with end on backside of flattened pipe. Repeat across, alternating bead dangle next, six-inch pipe, bead dangle, eight-inch pipe, bead dangle, second six-inch pipe, bead dangle, second four-inch pipe.


Complete your wind chimes by attaching the fourteen-inch piece of copper wire through the two holes drilled on each end of flattened pipe. Twist at center to form hanging loop. If desired, you could also use an alternate material to hang the wind chimes, such as a heavy piece of rawhide. Hang outside where the finished piece will catch both the wind and sunlight.

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