How to make a cookie advent calendar

How to make a cookie advent calendar

Advent calendars are a fun way for kids and adults to count down the number of days until an important event or holiday. Edible advent calendars are especially fun. You can make a decorative and tasty advent calendar using cookies and a few simple craft supplies.

The cookie shapes you choose will depend on the holiday or event anticipated. For example, you can use Christmas cookie shapes such as Christmas trees, stars, angels, or stockings for a Christmas advent calendar. Consider using balloons, flowers, baseballs, or football-shaped cutouts to count down the number of days before a special birthday. Use a cookie cutter that matches the interests of the person having the birthday or one that specifically expresses the interests of your family.

To make this unique and edible advent calendar you will need a sheet of colored felt that measures approximately 30 inches by 20 inches, matching thread, a needle, a dowel rod that’s 1/4 inch in diameter, your favorite cookie recipe, a cookie cutter of your choice, colored plastic wrap, matching ribbon, scissors, colored butter cream icing, a piping bag or plastic sandwich bag, fabric chalk, and a piece of yarn approximately 24 inches in length. Optional supplies are additional squares of colored felt, glue, glitter, or puff paint.

Begin by hand stitching a 1 inch wide casing on the narrow side of the felt. This will be the top of the advent calendar. Run a 1/4 inch in diameter dowel rod through the finished casing, and securely tie the ends of a 24-inch long piece of matching yarn to the ends of the dowel rod.

Optionally, you can further decorate the top of the calendar by cutting out felt letters or shapes and gluing them on. You could also create shapes or phrases by writing them with glue, and sprinkling on colored glitter of your choice. Puff paint also works well for personalizing the top of an advent calendar.

Now it’s time to bake a batch of your favorite cookies. The best types of cookies to use for an advent calendar are those that don’t crumble easily. Sugar cookie dough or other dough typically used for making cutout shapes is recommended. They are the least likely to fall apart. If you are short on time, consider buying ready-made sugar cookie dough. Ready-to-bake cookies are often pre-decorated with colorful inlaid designs.

When the cookies are completely cool, it’s time to number them with buttercream frosting. Either buy ready-to-use buttercream frosting or add food coloring to match your calendar, or make a batch of your favorite decorator’s icing. Pipe a number on each cookie using a piping bag, or make a simple piping bag by snipping the corner of a plastic sandwich bag. When the icing hardens, carefully wrap each cookie with a piece of colored plastic wrap. Allow extra plastic wrap at the top so each cookie can be secured with a ribbon and tied to the calendar.

Next, you will need to make stitches on the felt that will be used to tie on the cookies. Before sewing the stitches, arrange the cookies on the advent calendar to ensure proper placement. Use fabric chalk to mark the spots where the stitches will be sewn. Thread a needle with color-coordinated thread, and sew a 1-inch stitch over each area representing the corresponding dates where the cookies will be hung.

Hang the advent calendar on a wall, and attach the wrapped cookies in the proper sequence. Put the calendar in a location where it can be easily reached. This unique way of counting down the days until Christmas or any special occasion is sure to become a fun tradition in your home.

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