How to make a clown costume

How to make a clown costume

Thinking about joining the circus?

Maybe you’re considering being a clown at a friend’s birthday party? No matter what the occasion, clown costumes are very simple to make and you can start from scratch or use clothes from your closet to make the clown outfit. Choose a silly-looking fabric with large polka dots, bright stripes or day-glow colors. Make sure the fabric for the shirt and the fabric for the pants are as mismatched as possible.

Almost any pattern for pants and shirt will work for a clown costume, but when cutting out the pattern, cut the legs and arms much wider, then cut the waistline a little higher. After you’ve cut out your pattern, hem the legs, and then sew elastic across the width of the hem, leaving a few inches below the elastic. Do the same thing with the sleeves, hemming and putting in the elastic.

The rest of the outfit should be stitched according to the pattern. You can use huge buttons instead of the size required by the pattern, or you can eliminate them and opt for pom-poms instead of buttons. You can also sew the front up crooked so that one side of the front hangs longer than the other side, or you can cut the shirt extremely long.

If you need a quick costume, choose an outfit of Dad’s or other clothes which are too large. Use a belt to gather huge pants up, and then tuck the too-large shirt in so that the belt can be seen. Or, wear a really large shirt as a dress, then sew ruffles on leggings to wear as the pants. If you don’t want to ruin the clothes, use hot glue to attach patches, buttons and pom poms, then wash to loosen the hot glue.

Make sure to rinse the hot glue out in the sink or tub before throwing in the washer. Utilize things from the closet like an old hat that you can tatter, suspenders that you can paint silly patterns on, or boots that are way too large. Stuff the toes of the boots with tissue to keep them from sliding around on your feet.

There are hundreds of ideas you can use to add to your clown costume. Use flare-leg pants and tatter them at the bottom, tatter the hem of a shirt or skirt, tuck bandanas halfway into pockets, then leave the rest to hang out. Attach bathroom tissue to the sole of one shoe, sew bandanas together to stuff in a pocket and pull out later, use campaign buttons and buttons with other sayings on them to pin all over the shirt and other silly notions.

Cut off pants where one leg is longer than the other, then wear knee socks with wild designs, wrap a towel around your head for a crazy turban, squeeze into a shirt that is way too small, with pants that are too short. Wear a pair of boxer shorts, then tear the seam of the pants and bend over a lot while clowning.

Wear a tutu with a sporting jacket, or choose an outlandish tie that’s huge. Or, wear a bridal gown with army boots and a blue jean jacket, an evening dress with paint poured on it, or think up your own crazy combinations.

Wear a tutu with a sporting jacket

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