How to make a Christmas garland

How to make a Christmas garland

The holiday season brings out the best in us, andin turn we want to bring out the best for the holiday season. We aren’t only talking about peace and good cheer, but the best we can give in our holiday preparations and decorating. To help you make this a more festive season, below are instructions for making homemade Christmas garlands to help you deck your halls.

1: Traditional Popcorn and Cranberries Garland

You’ll need fresh cranberries, popped popcorn, ribbon (red or green), a needle and string. (The amount of cranberries or popcorn needed depends upon the length of garland you desire). Take a 30″ piece of string and tie a large knot about 3″ from one end. Thread the needle to the string and begin alternately attaching cranberries and popcorn.

You’ll want to get them as tight as possible as the cranberries will shrink considerably. Fill the string, leaving 3″ on the threaded end also. Tie a knot in end of string. Continue doing this with 30″ lengths until you have strung the desired number of feet for your garland.

Tie the string ends tightly together, making one long garland. tie ribbon bows where the strings meet. When you decide to take down the garland, this makes a great winter treat for birds on an outdoor tree.

2: Wooden Spool and Bead Garland

You’ll need small wooden spools, 20mm red and green wooden beads, homespun fabric scraps, glue, and jute string.
Again, the nmber of spools and beads will depend on how long of a garland you wish to make.

Cut strips of fabric so they are just the right size to wrap around and cover the centers of your wooden spools. Glue the fabric onto spools.

Tying a knot in one end of jute, string the spools on after every 2 beads. For example: red bead, green bead, spool, green bead, red bead, spool, red bead, etc. Or come up with your own patterns. When completed, knot other end of jute. With any excess fabric scraps you can intersperse homespun bows. It makes a wonderful touch.

Whether you choose to make one of these garlands, or come up with your own variation, the beauty of making it yourself will enhance your enjoyment of the holiday season.

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