How to make a chocolate fountain

One of the classiest (and tastiest) ways to make your party, wedding, or get-together a success is to construct or order a chocolate fountain. After all, everyone loves chocolate, and there are a number of appetizers that taste great with chocolate, like fruit, marshmallows, or pretzels.

Before you start building your own chocolate fountain, you need to decide how large you want the fountain to be, and how much chocolate you plan on using for it. You can get an idea of how much chocolate to use by how many guests should be attending and how long the party will be,

so it’s best to have too much and opposed to running out (and people are definitely going to visit the chocolate fountain throughout the party–more than once). You can also look at different chocolate fountain models to see how to construct your fountain; this will also help you to estimate how much chocolate to purchase.

Chocolate fountains are basically made of an auger (usually of stainless steel) to keep the chocolate warm, two or three tiers, a central tube, and a motor that helps to move the chocolate through the fountain. The tier at the bottom of the fountain closest to the auger is pointed upward, and the tiers further up on the tube are pointed down.

The basic construction of the fountain should be fairly easy, but installing an electric device is involved, so you may have to practice with a few of the materials way before the party, so that you know what works and what doesn’t, or so that you can purchase or order more parts if you need to enlarge your fountain.

You should use stainless steel materials to build you chocolate fountain, because it is sanitary and doesn’t rust, so you can use your fountain over and over without having to worry about the presentation. And, when you’re researching chocolate fountain construction, you may even be able to order certain parts for your project from a chocolate fountain company (i.e. the auger or motor). You can contact these companies to see if parts are sold separately, because you may not find these things in a local appliance or kitchenware store.

Of course, you may not have the time to ‘make’ your own chocolate fountain (sometimes great ideas come late). Or, you may not trust yourself to be that crafty–yet. For either of these cases, you can order chocolate fountains to use for your party from a variety of catering, fondue, and fountain companies.

Once you receive your fountain, you’ll have to assemble it yourself, so technically, you did have a small hand in making it. And, if you’d like to exercise a little more creativity even if you’re pressed for time, you can fill your fountain with white chocolate, or mix both light and dark chocolates for a more unique flavor; different flavors like almond or hazelnut will also add to the richness of the chocolate.

You can also place different ‘accessories’ next to your chocolate fountain buffet (i.e. coconuts, chopped nuts, powdered sugar) that will make your appetizers even tastier.

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