How to make a child’s hula skirt

How to make a child's hula skirt

Any little girl would love a hula skirt. The supplies are cheap, too, so that makes creating a hula skirt even more fun. Raffia, found at craft stores, is the material used to make the skirt. Raffia is a string-like weed found in tropical settings. Its strips of natural fibers are used on some islands for making the skirt. Man-made versions of the weed, usually created from nylon, works just as well. The nylon version is usually a little less expensive. Raffia is found by the spool, the flat, or by the bagful. Choose traditional green or brown or select the little girl’s favorite color.

Cut the raffia strips into the size strips you’ll need. Hula skirts for women are approximately 28″ long but for a girl, measure from the waist to just below the knee. Longer versions are perfectly acceptable. The number of strips that you’ll need will vary depending upon the size of the skirt, in the waist. Obviously, small girls’ skirts will take much less than a teenager’s skirt. Cut quite a few strips and lay them out on a table, side-by-side, as closely as possible.

The process of making a hula skirt involves tying the raffia strips to another strip which later becomes the waistband of the skirt. The tying method takes some time and practice. A strip is cut for the waistband with extra inches allowed on each end for tying it in the back. The ends of the skirt, where they will meet, are marked for placement of the raffia. Now each strand of raffia is tied onto the waistband tie. A slipknot is formed for each strand, then tightened.

If you want to make the skirt in a hurry and don’t have time to practice the tying method simply glue the skirt together. Fabric glue works perfectly and is found in any sewing department. After layering the skirt raffia onto the raffia tie-string the skirt raffia can become too heavy for the string. For this reason, twirl several strands of raffia together to make the waistband string. Since it will have a tendency to curl up, smooth the twisted strips down onto a table, and tape the ends temporarily.

Begin by running a line of glue across a few inches of the waistband strip. Lay the raffia strips in the glue, right next to each other. There’s no need to scrunch the skirt strips together; placing them side-by-side is fine. Continue to add another string of glue and more raffia strips until the entire skirt is done. For a fuller skirt allow the glue to dry well and add another layer of the raffia strips, directly on top of the first layer.

When the skirt is complete tie the ends off, right next to the first and last skirt strips. Now place a little bit of fabric glue on gloved hands and spread it from the knot to the end of the strips. Twirl the strips back together again and allow to dry. Tie a knot in the ends.

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