How to make a child’s angel costume

How to make a child's angel costume

Any little girl looks beautiful in an angel outfit. Make the costume for her and you’ll be proud of your accomplishments. It’s not hard but is somewhat time-consuming, depending upon how much detail you give the outfit. You’ll need fabric and elastic to make the outfit then your choice of embellishments to make it look even better.

Purchase a lightweight white fabric to make the gown. Satin or something shiny is perfect. Don’t go to a great expense unless the gown will be worn again and again. You can use a child’s nightgown, shirt, and skirt, or a dress to make the pattern. When using a nightgown eliminate any fancy collar or bodice work. Using a skirt and shirt cut the shirt shape then proceed to the skirt shape, all in one piece.

Cut the pattern pieces for a floor-length front, back, and two long sleeves. Instead of placing a collar on the gown use elastic around the neckline. This allows the child to step into the gown and pull it up and on easily.

Sew the front piece to the back piece at the shoulders. Sew one side seam. Hem the gown then sew the other side seam. Hem the sleeves and attach cuffs if they’re called for by the pattern. Align the top of the sleeve with the sleeve hole at the shoulder. Stitch around the armhole catching the sleeve and gathering slightly if necessary. Do this to both arms. Now put the elastic in the neckline gently tugging the elastic during stitching. Spruce up the gown by using gold or silver glitter paints made especially for fabric. Outline the collar and cuffs with the glitter paint. Stripes or dots of glitter can be painted on the skirt if desired.

Make the wings by cutting the pattern out of two pieces of thin craft foam. Choose white foam then decorate it with glitter, lace, feathers or sequin. Whatever you decide to use it can be glued on easily. Glue sequin side-by-side until both wing sections are covered, front and back. Feathers should be aligned to point downward. Start with the bottom row and move upward to the next row. Continue this pattern until the wings are covered.

It’s much easier to put glitter on the foam. Simply spread glue across the entire front of the wing and pour the glitter on. Dump excess glitter off onto a newspaper to do the next wing. Do front and back but let dry thoroughly in between each. Use foam that is white or it will be difficult to cover it without the color showing through.

Your little angel needs a halo and there are several different ways to make them. One way is to simply twist together tinsel pipe cleaners of silver or gold and lay the halo directly on the head. You can also make a circle of pipe cleaners with a stem that allows the halo to be raised above the head. The stem is attached with a clip or bobby pins then hidden with some hair.

Your little angel

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