How to make a child’s alien costume

child’s alien costume

Making a child’s alien outfit is fun and easy. It’s usually made one of two ways:

either as a one-piece outfit that zips up the back or as a two-piece costume for easier dressing. For a pattern choose a pair of pants that are a little large on the child. You’ll also need a long sleeve shirt, with a tee shirt-style collar, that is slightly large as well. The reason for using garments that are a little bit big on the child is so that after you stitch the garment it will be a good fit.

A good fabric is one that looks metallic and has some stretch to it. It needn’t be too thick but definitely not sheer. You will need approximately four yards. Purchase matching metallic thread and some piping. Choose the piping according to the color of the fabric. Navy blue against silver fabric or possibly red piping against the gold fabric.

Fold fabric lengthways with the right sides together. Make the decision about whether the outfit will be one-piece or two. Cut out the pants pattern by first turning them inside-out and drawing around them. If it’s to be a one-piece outfit cut the front of the pants and continue upwards to cut the shirt along with it. The shirt should be inside out and folded at the waistline. You won’t need the extra length on the shirt for the one-piece design. Cut the back in the same fashion, arranging the top to be next to the pants while cutting the one piece. For a two-piece outfit cut the pants and the shirt just as they are. No matter if it’s a one-piece or two cut the sleeves separately from the shirt. Eliminate any cuffs and go with a straight, fitted sleeve.

For the one or the two-piece outfit lay the piping on the front of the shirt section in a V shape. The V should go from two inches away from the collar at the shoulder seam to a little over halfway down the front of the shirt. Pin another, smaller “V”, inside the large one. Pin a third, even smaller “V”, inside the last one. Stitch into place.

Connect one front and back shoulder together. Now hem down one side seam. Hem the collar before adjoining the other shoulder seam and side seam of the shirt. For the two-piece outfit put a hem in the shirt. Now insert the arm pieces into the arm opening and stitch into place. For either outfit stitch the center seam of the pants. Turn pants and shirt wrong side out for the one-piece design. Pin the pants and shirt together at the waistline. Stitch. For the two-piece use a piece of elastic, sewn with not much stretch, into the waistband. Hem the ankles of the pants for either design.

For the one-piece outfit make a slit in the back from the neckline to a couple of inches into the seat of the pants. Pin the zipper into back and stitch. Use a hook and eye or snap at the top if needed.

There are different front designs you can make. Instead of the piping you can sew in V of other fabrics or affix a large insignia. Or you can use fabric paints to draw on a design. Printed fabrics can also come in handy. You can make a large patch from the design of the material and attach it to the front of the outfit.

There are different

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