How to make a checkerboard game table

How to make a checkerboard game table

Do you have an old card table or end table that has seen better days? You can make it new again and create a fun checkerboard game table that your family will love. You can also make checkers for your homemade checkerboard game table with polymer clay.

To make a checkerboard game table you will need an old card table or wooden table that is large enough to accommodate a standard-size checkerboard, black and red contact paper, a roll of clear contact paper, scissors, a pencil, a cardboard stencil measuring 4 centimeters by 4 centimeters, and red and black polymer clay. Optionally, you can use a three dimensional object to make impressions in the polymer clay checkers. You can also use a small knife to create the lines typically found on the edges of checkers. Fine-grit sandpaper and a rag may be necessary, depending on the surface of the table you plan on using.

Begin this project by making sure the table you intend on using is free of dust, debris, or any particles. The contact paper needs to be smooth and it will not stick properly to a dirty or oily surface. Lightly sand and wipe the top of the table if necessary.

Make a cardboard stencil that measures 4 centimeters by 4 centimeters. You will need to trace and cut out 32 red contact paper squares and 32 black contact paper squares. Cut them out carefully so the edges are straight and the squares are as perfect as possible. Before removing the backing from the contact paper, lay out all the squares on the table. Arrange them so the checker board is centered. There will be 8 alternating rows of 4 black squares and 4 red squares. Once you have located the center of the table and have put the squares in their proper places, you can begin peeling off the contact paper backing and applying the squares. If you make a mistake, the contact paper will peel off easily, and you should be able to reapply the square.

Once the entire checkerboard is in place you will need to cover it with a protective sheet of clear contact paper. Using the lines on the back of the contact paper, determine where to cut the sheet so it will cover the entire checkerboard. Cut it out carefully, and peel back only one corner. Apply that corner to the corresponding corner of the checkerboard, and slowly and carefully peel back the rest of the backing as you press the clear contact paper into place. Smooth out any air bubbles with your fingers. Small air bubbles may be pricked with a pin and smoothed out if necessary.

Make a set of 12 black checkers and 12 red checkers using polymer clay. Use a round mold of appropriate size to form the checkers. Smooth out the surface and remove them from the mold. Embellish the checkers by making impressions using coins, buttons, or other objects if desired. You can also make serrated edges on the checkers using a small knife if you wish. Bake the polymer clay checkers according to package directions.

Those who love a good game of checkers will appreciate this fun and unique checkerboard game table. This simple project is a great way to recycle a table that would have otherwise been discarded. Your checkerboard game table, complete with homemade checkers, will more than likely be passed down and enjoyed by future generations.

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