How to make a centerpiece fruit basket

How to make a centerpiece fruit basket

Centerpieces are expensive, but you can make your own without much effort. Start with any number of items, such as a dinner plate, a wicker basket, or even a large baking pan. Hot glue Spanish moss at the bottom of the dish and allow it to cover the insides of the dish. If it’s a holiday centerpiece you’re making, substitute the Spanish moss for pine branches or garland. For the fruit, you can purchase these or make your own from styrofoam balls.

Styrofoam comes in many different shapes, so choose the shapes you want for your centerpiece, then decorate them. Making your own fruit is okay, but for authentic-looking fruit, the craft store or a department store craft section has very real-looking fruit which isn’t too expensive. You can usually find apples, strawberries, grapes, bananas, and pears, among other fruits.

The styrofoam fruit shapes can be decorated in many different ways. You can paint them, but glob it on because if you try to give them a smooth coat, the paint will only soak in to the styrofoam. Another way to decorate them is to cover the shape with glue, then roll it in beads until completely covered. You can also roll the fruit in glitter, or mix beads and glitter together for a sparkle look to your centerpiece. You can buy leaves and stems to add life to your fruit, just glues on these extras after decorating the fruit.

Arrange your fruit in the basket before gluing. Rearrange as necessary until you have just the look you want, then lift each piece, squirt glue underneath, and place the piece back in to position. After you have the fruit in place, you can add little extras like plastic berries, or if it’s a holiday centerpiece, plastic candy canes or small pine cones. Make a bow to attach in the front of the centerpiece by tying ribbon into the bow, then gluing the ribbon on the front. Or, if it’s a baking dish or another rectangular shape with some depth, just wrap the ribbon around the perimeter of the dish.

If you’d like to keep the same dish but have different centerpiece options, begin this project by gluing the Spanish moss or pine branches to a tea towel that has been shaped to the design of the dish. This allows you to lift out the previous centerpiece out and lay another, different centerpiece in its place.

You can make a centerpiece for each season or occasion, too. For spring, make an Easter centerpiece by placing plastic eggs on top of green grass, then placing some stuffed or plastic animals, like bunnies or chicks, amongst the eggs. For fall, place small gourds in the basket and add tiny pine cones. You can print out pictures of leaves, laminate them, and use them for placing amongst the gourds and pine cones.

And, you can make the centerpiece by using real fruit. Just attach the Spanish moss or pine branches, then lay the real fruit on top. You can sprinkle with real candies or nuts, too.

Substitutions for the moss or branches could be shredded paper or foil, wadded gift wrap paper, loose tea towels, real or silk leaves and plants, or just a purchased piece of satin. Use your imagination to come up with dozens of different ideas for creating your own centerpiece fruit basket.


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