How to make a center-filled cake

How to make a center-filled cake

Some delicious desserts, like ice cream cake or Boston cream pie used to only be found at the local bakery, if they even had them there, but you can make these decadent goodies at home in your own oven, with no difficulty. You’ll need a regular round cake pan, and an extra deep cake pan, or a Dutch oven-type metal pot.

Oil or grease both pans, then flour the bottoms. Mix 2 regular boxed cake mixes, any flavor, and pour enough batter in the small pan to fill it halfway, and then pour the remainder of the batter into the all-metal deep pan. Bake at 350 degrees for the amount of time stated on the box, but let the large cake bake an extra 10-15 minutes.

After allowing the cakes to cool, turn the large one out onto a cake plate. Go in about 4″ from the outer edge of the cake and insert a sharp knife, and then cut out a circle of the cake. Don’t let the knife go all the way to the cake plate. After scoring the cake, use a knife, spatula or spoon to scoop out the circle of cake, leaving about 2″ of cake on the bottom.

Fill the cake with ice cream, pudding, or other goodies. After filling the cake, place the smaller cake on top of the filled ones. Spread frosting all over the cake. Ice cream cakes must then go in the freezer; cakes with fruit or pudding, in the refrigerator.

You can decorate the cake with some of the filling, whatever it is. If it’s strawberry slices, place some of the slices on top of the cake. If it’s filled with mint chocolate chip ice cream, dye white frosting green, and then place shredded chocolate on top. If the interior of the cake holds pudding, you can even put a couple of tablespoons of pudding on the top center of the cake.

You can similarly make a giant basketball cake or another dome cake by filling the large pan completely with the mix and baking. After cooling, scoop out a large amount of the cake and fill the cake with your favorite filling. You can mix fillings together, like fruit and whipped cream or gelatin and fruit. Let it chill, then turn out onto a cake plate.

If you happen to have an old iron bowl or pot, making this cake is even easier. The pot has to be smaller than the pan for your main cake and should have no handles or other protrusions. The pot also has to be large enough to where it does not go all the way to the bottom of the cake, but should only go halfway or so.

After making sure the pot is clean inside and out, oil it well on the outside, along with the two cake pans. Flour cake pans, but not the iron bowl. Pour the batter into the main pan set the iron bowl down into the pan, and then pour the remaining batter into the second cake pan. While the main cake bakes, the iron bowl holds a space open in the cake, for filling later.

After baking the two cakes, Remove from oven and cool. Remove the iron bowl, and then turn cake onto a plate. Turn once more onto the actual cake plate, where the concave side is now upwards. Fill the cake with your favorite ingredients, and then use the second cake as a lid for the filled cake. Spread icing on all.

After baking the two cakes

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