How to make a candy bouquet

How to make a candy bouquet

These “Candy Bouquets” are a quick, inexpensive and easy project for any gift giving occasion. Great for teachers (let the kids help you with these) or co-workers.

You will need;

a coffee mug (these can be purchased very inexpensively at discount stores)

assorted wrapped hard candies (again very inexpensive at discount stores)

a styrofoam ball that will fit in the top of your mug (measure across the mug opening)

a bit of tape

straight pins

some type of curling streamer or ribbon on a stem (these can be purchased at a card or party shop)

First fill your mug about halfway with some of the candies, this will just weigh your mug down a bit. Now using a knife (serrated works best for this) cut your styrofoam ball in half and insert the half ball into the opening in the mug. Use the tape to fasten this into the mug, this will keep the ball from pulling out.

Now comes the decorating part. Put several candies on a straight pin, using one of the twisted ends. Push the pin into the styrofoam ball starting on the outside edges, continue this step working in a circular pattern until the entire ball is covered with candies. Leave a small space at the very top center of the ball to insert your curling streamer pick.

To curl the ribbon on the streamer pick, run a pair of scissors or a butter knife along the edge of each ribbon to “curl”. Now insert your pick into the top of the ball.

A small gift card can also be inserted into the ball using a straight pin.

There you are, a fast, easy and inexpensive gift that looks really cute sitting on a desk, and will keep the recipient happy when that “sugar” craving hits.

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