How to make a book safe

How to make a book safe

Over the years you might have collected quite a few items that mean something to you, even if not to anyone else. The first dollar your grandpa ever gave you, a letter from a dear friend, ticket stubs to a theater show of a memorable occasion. Things that aren’t so valuable to the rest of the world could be very valuable to you. You may not want to go out and buy a safe for the memorabilia, but you can certainly make one cheap enough.

As a matter of fact, if you own an old book, you needn’t spend any additional money. Now, don’t go cutting up a valuable work of literature, but choose a book, preferably one that no one is likely to pick up, like an old Math book. It should be a fairly large book to make room for the storable items.

Open the front cover of the book and make sure the pages are aligned on the other side. Use a very sharp knife carefully, to cut a square or rectangle out of the pages. It’s easiest to do several pages at one time, and then do several more until you’ve cut through all the pages. Use scissors to trim any pages that need it. You can also cut a square from the first page, then use an ink pen to outline it on to the next page, cutting several pages at a time, and so on.

After you’ve cut all the pages, you can use a small cardboard box, without a lid, to insert into the opening for holding the stored items, but it’s not required to complete the safe. If you want, you can keep the cover open, then use spray adhesive to spray inside of the opening and around the page edges, keeping them shut tightly while glue dries. After everything is dry and your goods are in storage, you can tie a ribbon around the book, if appropriate for the type of book you chose. For other books, you can line the inside of the book with thin Velcro strips or dots. Although the Velcro will keep the book from coming open if ever dropped, it will make the book look, from the side, as though there is a slit between the pages.

You can place your safe right out in the open by arranging it along with some other items, on a shelf or in a cabinet. For example, on a shelf in a glass cabinet, place your safe, made out of a book of old poetry and closed with a ribbon. To the left and behind the book, place a satin handkerchief with a wine glass. Dangle strands of pearls out of the glass or arrange them on the scrunched-up hanky.

On the right side and to the front of the book, place a folded set of designer reading glasses. Of course, you can always just place your book safe on a shelf with groups of other books. Stacking two or three books, with the safety on the bottom, then placing a small silk plant on top, makes it even less likely that someone will grab it.

If the thought of cutting up a book is more than you can bear, glue papers together until you have a stack with a thickness of that which a book would have. Glue across the binding. Make a cover by gluing wallpaper, shelf paper, or cloth onto cardboard. Cut the middle of the “book” out and your storage area is ready. You’ll have to be a little more creative in hiding this book, though, since it will stand out more than a regular old book.

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