How to make a book cover

How to make a book cover

Books are expensive and if you carry certain ones around frequently – such as a Bible – they can receive noticeable wear and scuff in no time. You can protect an expensive book, or just your favorite paperback novel, with a simple cloth book cover that you make in no time. Launder all fabrics before beginning the book cover. Choose a sturdy cloth – about a half a yard. Measure the book from the cover edge, around the spine, and over to the back cover edge. Add seven inches to that measurement, then measure the length of the book and add two inches. Cut one rectangular piece of the fabric to these measurements.

Fold all edges over a quarter-inch and press. Fold seams over a half inch then hem all four sides of the book cover. On a short end, fold over 3″, with right sides together, and tack it along the bottom and top of the book cover. Turn right side out. Repeat on the other end of the cover. If you want a zipper, allow an extra half inch on each side. Fold the book cover in half and begin the zipper on one side of the cover, at the bottom.

Pin and sew one side of the entire zipper to the cover, then go back and do the other side of the zipper. To add a handle to the cover, cut two strips of wide ribbon, hem tape, or leftover fabric. Fold and sew the ends to the inside of the cover, one on each side. Another way to attach the handle is to make two small slits on each short side of the cover, just before folding the right sides together. Insert one end of the handle into each slit then fold right sides together and sew across the handles and across the top and bottom.

Open the book cover, lay the spine of the book in the middle of the cover, and tuck the front and back cover edges into the 3″ fabric hem. Solid-colored cloth can be stamped with ink, or fabric paint can be used to write THE HOLY BIBLE or MY DIARY on the front. You can also use small metal, wooden or foam letters. Use metal corner covers made for scrapbooks to protect the corners of the new book cover. These usually snap on but can also be adhered with fabric glue, which is washable. Let all embellishments dry for at least 24 hours before laundering.

Paper makes an acceptable book cover, although it isn’t washable and will wear out quicker than the cloth one. Obviously you’ll want to use a very thick paper and a great collection can be found where scrapbook supplies are sold, or use construction paper or even thin cardboard. Measure the book from cover edge to cover edge and cut paper 6″ larger than that measurement.

Measure the height of the book and add a half-inch. After the paper is cut, set the book in the center of the paper without creasing the paper. Wrap the paper edges over the front and back cover evenly, and crease. Remove the book from the paper and crease the folds sharply. Use paints, stickers, stamps, or stencils to decorate the book cover.

Kids can easily make the paper book covers and if you provide them with fabric glue, they can also make the fabric ones. Throw some assorted fabrics and some glue on the table, and kids can get busy at craft time. Adult supervision is required when using fabric glue.

Kids can easily make

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