How to make a bird feeder with waste material

How to make a bird feeder with waste material

If you would like to attract birds to your yard but don’t have the money to invest in expensive ready-made bird feeders then this article full of doing it yourself bird feeders ideas can help you achieve your goal without breaking the bank! Great bird feeders can be created with simple objects you may already have around your house.

Birds aren’t picky, and they sure don’t require something fancy to eat out of. You do need to make sure the feeders you create are safe and sturdy. It is also important to keep feeding the birds that come to your yard, especially in winter. During the warm months of the year when natural food sources are abundant keeping your feeders stocked isn’t as critical. However, for non-migratory birds winter feeders oftentimes become a sole source of food making it very critical that food levels be maintained.

The following tools are not required for every project, but will come in handy for most: pliers, wire cutters, and scissors.

Simple Glass Jar Feeder: This feeder is simple and easy to clean. The size of the jar opening will determine the size of the bird that can feed from the finished feeder. Since most jars openings are too small for large birds they create excellent feeders for small birds like sparrows, finches, and wrens. To create this feeder you will need a clean glass jar with an opening large enough for a small bird.

This is a great way to recycle glass jelly and pickle jars! You will also need a wire close hanger, a pair of pliers and wire cutters. Open up the coat hanger, make a bend in the coat hanger towards one end and place it around the neck of the jar where the grooves for the lid end. Twist the coat hanger tightly around the jar so that it is secure and the jar doesn’t slip. Use the rest of the coat hanger to form a hanger to hang the feeder from. Trim of any excess hanger with the wire cutters. Hang you feeder in a sheltered spot for the birds to enjoy!

Mesh Tube Feeder: This is another easy feeder. Using 1/4 inch hardware cloth (which is actually a wire mesh) make a tube and fasten it closed with lightweight wire. The tube can be any size, so be creative! Close the bottom of the tube by nailing or stapling it to a small piece of wood, the lid of a jar (this would be a great way to use the lid to the jar you made into a glass jar feeder), heavy cardboard, or anything else you think have around that would work. Use more wire to create a hanger for your feeder.

Pine Cone Feeder: This project is so easy it’s a great one for kids of all ages. You will need a pinecone, peanut butter, bird seed, and lightweight wire. Wrap the wire securely around the top of the pinecone to create a hanger for your feeder. Spread peanut butter all over the pinecone, and then roll in bird seed and hang up for the birds! It’s really that easy! Since the pinecone will be too heavy for large birds like cardinals and jays use a seed appropriate for smaller birds.

Plastic Milk Jug Feeder: For this feeder, you will need plastic milk or juice jug. Any size and most shapes will work. Cut an opening on the side of the jug opposite the handle (you will want to preserve the handle of the jug for hanging the finished feeder) a couple of inches up from the bottom. Wrap wire around the jug’s handle to make a hanger or hang directly by the handle. You can also drill a small hole in the front of the jug at the feeder’s opening and insert a small piece of doweling for birds to perch on as they eat. Fill the inside of the jug with seed and hang up!

Ground Feeders: Several varieties of birds prefer to forage for food on the ground. To feed these birds, recycle a pie tin, an old frying pan, storage container lids that have lost their mate, or any shallow item. Place it on the ground and fill with seed!

Strung on a Line Feeders: This is a fun, traditional way to feed the birds around the holidays. Using heavyweight upholstery thread or fine twine (so your line doesn’t break) and a large-eyed rug needle string popcorn (unsalted and unbuttered), dried fruit, and nuts into long lines. Hang on trees, fences, etc for the wildlife to enjoy.

Make a collection of these easy feeders and you will be able to enjoy birds all year long without having to invest a small fortune in feeders alone!

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