How to make a belt out of beer bottle caps

How to make a belt out of beer bottle caps

Have you seen or heard about the new trend in recycling? The latest and greatest wearable fashions come right from someone’s recycling box and trash can.

Old license plates are made into stylish ladies’ purses and can cost you a pretty penny to get a good quality one that won’t have metal splinters to snag your jacket or top.

We won’t be learning about making a license plate purse today, but something that can be versatile and stylish at the same time: A beer bottle cap belt.

This lesson will give you two different options to create your belt. The first one is a metal link belt which will require the following:

-Beer Bottle Caps- As many as you need to fit around your waist,approximately 2 inches below your belly button

– ½ Inch Metal Links- Found at craft stores in the beads department

*A note about links- You can get longer links if you wish, but not shorter. The links need to connect through the top and over the rigid side.

– Wire/Metal Cutters

– A Belt Buckle of your choice – with a stud attached onto the inside

– Metal Sandpaper or File

– Safety Gloves

– Pliers

Start by lining up your beer bottle caps in the pattern of your choice. Different ideas include imported beers, domestic beers, solid color caps, or any combination that you would like. Poke a hole with the wire/metal cutters on the top, the outer edge of the cap. Use your sandpaper or file to smooth the edges around your newly formed hole to prevent metal splinters from popping out. Take one of your metal links and open is as wide as necessary to insert into the hole on your bottle cap. Using your pliers, squeeze the metal link closed to secure it in place. Continue with more bottle caps in the same fashion until the desired length is reached.

When you reach the end, attach two metal links to the last bottle cap to link to your belt buckle. Place the belt in position around your waist to measure the spot where you will be putting a hole through the center of the bottle cap to insert your stud into. Measure and then cut a tiny hole so that the belt fits a little bit snug to allow for expansion.

If you would like a beer bottle cap belt with fewer bottle caps, simply add more metal links in between each bottle cap. You can use as few or as many links as you wish, as it is your handmade belt.

Option number two to craft your belt out of beer bottle caps is to replace the metal links with either colored metal links or leather straps.

If you connect each bottle cap with leather straps, the only difference in needed material is thin leather straps in your color of choice instead of the metal links.

Simply insert to leather strap in through the hole in the top of the cap. Place the other end of the strap into the hole of the neighboring bottle cap and tie the strap in the back of the belt.

It seems pretty simple, doesn’t it! You’ll be surprised how this project will spark your creativity and let your imagination fly to what else you can recycle into a fashion statement.

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