How to make a behind-the-sink shelf

How to make a behind-the-sink shelf

If you’ve ever thought that having a little extra counter space would make your kitchen perfect think about making a behind-the-sink shelf. A place to set your rings while doing dishes or just a shelf for holding the dish soap might be just what you need. They’re simple to make using a few pieces of wood. If you’re good with electrical tools you’ll want to build the shelf just perfectly but if you’re a glue-and-staple kind of person you can still get it done.

Measure the width of your kitchen sink. Since you’re actually the designer decide if you want the shelf to go over the top of the faucets or behind them. The measurement for the width of the sink is fine if you want the shelf to sit behind the sink but for over-the-top styles add four inches to the original measurement.

Cut a plank of wood six inches wide by the above measurement. Home improvement stores offer the planks in various shapes and sizes for those who don’t use hand tools. While you’re there pick up two nine-inch dowels about a half-inch in diameter. You’ll also need two blocks of wood that are about an inch wide and five inches long.

Use an attachment on your drill and make a half-inch diameter circular cut on top, at each end of the two wooden blocks. The holes should penetrate about halfway through the thickness of the wood. For those using the gluing process simply glue the dowels in place with a quality wood glue. Allow appropriate drying time before moving to the next step.

Hold shelf evenly on the dowels and mark, under the shelf, where to drill the next set of holes. Turn shelf over and drill holes. For gluing simply apply glue and position the shelf. Glue will drip down the dowels so turn the shelf over and steady while drying. Wipe excess glue off as it accumulates.

The shelf can be sanded, painted, or left natural. It’s great for other rooms as well. In the bathroom set one behind the sink. In the bedroom place one on a low, flat headboard. Small ones can even be made for desk organization or as a night stand addition.

If the whole thing sounds like too much trouble make a quick shelf instead. Purchase a set of drawers for the base. Dollar stores and department stores sell them made from plastic in all sizes, shapes and colors. Purchase a set of four small ones, two on each side. Set a stack on each side of the sink. Position board on the shelves and you have it made.

To secure, locate the track where the two drawers stack together. Place a line of glue in the track of the bottom drawer and set the second drawer on top. Some tops of the drawers have a molded indentation so mark where the board meets the drawer top and glue.

It’s not absolutely necessary to use drawers. You can use blocks of wood or cement, bricks, even old stereo speakers. Of course, it’s a good idea to glue the entire ensemble together to prevent possible future accidents.

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