How to make a bed skirt

How to make a bed skirt

Those who love to sew, and those who are only beginning will love this quick and easy project for making a bed skirt. Use an inexpensive piece of cloth for the main piece, then choose a fabric that coordinates with your bedding ensemble to sew the actual skirt.

Cut a piece of plain cloth, the size of the mattress. Hem the top end of the cloth. Measure from the floor to the top edge of the box springs. Cut the skirt piece this measurement, plus two inches. To find out how many pieces you’ll need to cut, measure from the top edge of the mattress, down the side, across the bottom and back up to the top edge. Do not include the measurement for the top width of the box spring. Double the actual measurement to allow plenty of cloth for gathering the skirt.

Cut and sew the skirt pieces together until you have one very, very long piece. Fold the skirt piece in half to find the exact middle, and mark with a pen or marker. Fold the skirt in half again to find quarter pieces, and mark. Fold one more time to find eighths and marks. Now do the same to the main cloth piece, which was the first piece you cut. Mark the middle of the bottom, and the middle of both sides. Now mark the middle of those marks so that your skirt will align properly. Hem both ends of the skirt.

You can put in a baste stitch, then pull the thread, gathering the skirt, or you can just gather the skirt as you sew it on. To do this, begin by laying the main piece of cloth on the bed, right side up. Turn the skirt pieces right side down, and pin the end of the skirt to the corner of the main cloth piece. Find the eighth mark on the main cloth piece, and locate the eighth mark of the skirt. Pin together.

Find the next mark on the skirt and pin it to the next mark on the main cloth piece, and so on until the skirt is pinned to the main fabric. Sew down the side, across the bottom and up the other side, putting the gathers in between pins as necessary, as you go along. When finished, remove the mattress, lay the main cloth piece on the box spring with the bare end at the top. Pull skirt down over the box spring and replace the mattress.

A different way to make the bed skirt is to eliminate the large cloth piece altogether and instead, use a piece of wide elastic. Measure all the way around the box spring to see how long the elastic should be. Cut it a couple of inches longer than the actual measurement. Don’t use thin elastic as the weight of the fabric will prevent it from staying in place. Place a Velcro strip on each end of the elastic for easy placement on the bed.

Mark where the skirt should begin, on the side, then mark where it should end, on the other side. Instead of pinning the skirt to the elastic, stretch the elastic somewhat during sewing, which will automatically put in the puckers for you. When ready to place on the bed. Align the skirt around the box spring, then pull the bare part of the elastic around the front of the box spring, at the top of the bed, and Velcro into place.

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