How to look younger

The appearance of a woman up to about 35 years is determined by her genetics, and then how she will look depends on her health, internal state, and lifestyle. Why do some women look young almost until retirement, while others “fade” after forty years?

How to look younger
Radomir Jordanovic

Face-a mirror of emotions

Gradually, with age, all the experiences are imprinted on the face: negative and pleasant. Neuropsychologists say that angry and envious people over the years acquire a sullen expression that makes them look older than their years.

Good people (in this case, women) who do not want to harm anyone, and are used to thinking positively, usually keep a youthful appearance for a long time. Even wrinkles do not spoil the faces of such women.

Therefore, before you try to rejuvenate your appearance, you need to “restore order” in the shower. An optimistic lifestyle will help you both feel better and look good.

In this case, compliance with some recommendations from specialists will be more effective.

What hairstyles to choose

Of course, first of all, you need to consider the density of hair and face type. But, as a rule, women in their fifties and older rarely look good with long hair. Perfectly combed (almost slicked-back) hair or gathered in a tight ponytail will add a too strict look to the image and throw years.

The best choice is a haircut to the middle of the neck or layered. Some women are suitable for short haircuts, which are usually associated with youthfulness. But hairstyles with the length of hair covering the neck (up to the shoulders or shoulder blades) look more feminine.

You should pay attention to the parting: sometimes it is better to replace the central one, which visually makes a woman older, with a curly parting or with the strands laid on one side. The presence of bangs will make it possible to hide wrinkles on the forehead.

Give up the fluffy hair: styling should give volume but look natural and easy.

Choose the right hair color

Women with age face the problem of hair coloring from gray hair. Bright colors are young, but much depends on the correct coloring procedure.

The fascination with a blonde sometimes has the opposite effect: a woman looks even older than her years when she uses shades that contrast too much with the color of her skin.

It is better to lighten the hair no more than two or three tones from their natural nature. It is important that the hair color is darker than the complexion.

Fashionable shades of honey chestnut and caramel, make the face more fresh and open. Lightening individual strands also make you look younger.

A good hairdresser will help a woman choose a hair color and hairstyle style that will favorably emphasize her natural nature.

What should your makeup look like?

The older the age, the less harsh the makeup should be: bright shadows and lipsticks are best left in the past. The face looks younger with the most natural appearance possible (but not pale).

Matte lipsticks remain the privilege of young people. With age, creases and cracks appear on the lips, which the matte lipstick emphasizes, and also visually narrows the lips.

When choosing makeup, it is important to correctly “shape” the oval of the face. It changes over the years: the skin tone decreases, wrinkles are formed. You need to lighten the age-related depressions, and for the contours of the oval, use a powder tone darker than for the entire face. But, in general, it is better not to get carried away with powder, and if the skin is oily, then choose a transparent one.

Remember! Heavy textures do a disservice: women don’t look younger, they look older. Make-up artists recommend using light cream and liquid products.

Choose blush shades of pink or peach – they will give your face freshness. Both a pale face and a strongly tanned one-they age equally.

How to properly highlight your eyebrows and eyelashes

You need to forget about plucked eyebrows. The natural shape of the eyebrows gives the face expressiveness and makes it look younger.

To emphasize the eyebrows, do not use a black pencil, but rather a brown one: a little lighter (for a couple of tones) for brunettes, and darker for blondes. To make the strokes soft, hold the pencil at about a 45-degree angle (not perpendicular).

It is better to focus on the eyelashes, otherwise, the face will look older, but do not turn them into “fans”. Evenly lush eyelashes look beautiful, and not stuck together, even if they are long.

For older people, it is better to make the eyeliner softer, so that the face does not look tired. Brown or blue tones are suitable, depending on the eye color.


Nails should be well-groomed, but not long, as with age it will look, put it mildly, not attractive.

Avoid glitter, rhinestones, and acid tones. Calm pastel shades of nail polish will make your hands visually younger.

Manicure looks normal on smooth hands, so do not forget about the constant use of moisturizing and nourishing creams for hand care. They are the first to give out the female age.


In young years, almost any style of clothing on girls looks good. But the older a woman gets, the more carefully you need to choose your clothes.

Teenage models will look ridiculous, even if they really like them. The contrast between such clothing and appearance will only emphasize age.

The length of skirts and dresses is preferable, not shorter than to the middle of the knees.

However, wearing outdated outfits and only the classic type is also not worth it, as they will add age.

Clothing should fit the figure, emphasizing its advantages, but not tight.

Stylists advise you to wear pantsuits more often, they will add slimness and look modern. Blouses (or other outfits) in a cage and stripes always look young, but you should not get carried away with different ruffles and ruffles.

Clothing color scheme

Black sweatshirts, sweaters, scarves are more suitable for young people. On the mature skin of the face, they cast a shadow, emphasizing age. But an elegant black dress should be in every woman’s wardrobe.

Outfits made from natural fabrics in calm light tones (pink, blue, beige, yellow) will look good. Avoid earthy, swampy, or dark gray colors-they visually add years.

However, you should take into account the color of a woman’s hair and just her favorite clothing tones. After all, the main thing is to feel confident, free, and comfortable.


No need to aim for high heels. The main selection criterion should be the convenience and quality of shoes.

You need to follow modern fashion trends, but do not get carried away with youth models that do not always look appropriate with age.

Shoes should match the style of clothing and your tastes.


No matter how a woman dresses beautifully and fashionably if she slouches and “hobbles” – then she will not look younger.

Calm, not hurried gait, confident, the springy-the key to a youthful appearance. But to do this, you need to monitor your health: move more, do not ignore moderate physical activity, and have a full rest.

General recommendations

To look younger than your years, you need to:

  • Get rid of excess weight, but without fanaticism, so that the skin does not sag. Therefore, you should try to maintain a constant normal body weight, without its sharp fluctuations.
  • Smoking and alcohol for women are incompatible with the desire to look good and young, as they greatly age the skin and adversely affect health.
  • Constant lack of sleep immediately affects the appearance, especially with age. A good night’s sleep is essential for the female body.
  • Learn to love yourself, and pay attention to yourself. Smile more often, avoid stress.

The youthful appearance of a woman is supported by dignified reserved behavior and intelligent manners.

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