How to look thinner overnight

How to look thinner overnight

Hello, dear readers! In the summer, when a woman is all insight, you want to look younger, more attractive, and slimmer. There are many secrets to how to look thinner with the help of clothes, the ability to get into the right pose for a photo shoot. Fashion designers and other specialists will tell you about them.

What to do if dieting doesn’t help

Every woman knows that to get a slim body, you need to play sports or at least do gymnastics every day. Nutritionists also offer to follow a diet and organize proper nutrition.

And if you can’t do either, is there really nothing you can do? It turns out that with the help of clothes and properly selected accessories, you can look slimmer and leaner.

First, you need to find the right underwear. A stretched bra will never lift your breasts so that they look alluring. Outdated underwear will highlight those places on the body that can not be flaunted. It is best to wear tight underwear that is tailored to your size.

The best choice is seamless underwear with a tightening effect in the waist and abdomen. In summer, it’s hard to wear such a set all day, but tight shorts will make the tummy flatter, tighten the buttocks.

The next step is choosing clothes

It is necessary to dress so that all the shortcomings of the figure were hidden under the clothes. Consider a number of rules for slimness:

  • Try to look at all 200 points today, and not when you lose a dozen extra pounds.
  • Don’t wear clothes that are smaller than your own size, but don’t wear larger ones either.
  • Don’t buy a dress without trying it on yourself.
  • Keep your back straight! Even the best clothes will not give the proper effect if the back is bent crocheted.
  • If the figure is not too perfect, do not tuck the blouse into the skirts, also be careful with tight clothing. Clothing should only indicate the contour of the body, and not expose everything for show.
  • Update your wardrobe. Even two new things, but perfectly fitting on the figure, will emphasize your taste and beautiful body structure.
  • Wear shoes with stable heels. They will visually make even very full legs slimmer. The girl in heels involuntarily pulls in her tummy and straightens her back. It is better for chubby girls to give up shoes without heels, so that the figure does not seem squat.
  • Long jewelry makes you slim, but avoid wearing long earrings and beads together. Wear one thing at a time. With a short neck, short beads do not look good. With a full bust, do not wear brooches on the lapel of the jacket, so as not to emphasize the already prominent bust.
  • A large bag will make a girl slimmer. But everything needs a measure.
  • If you like dark colors, then wear them. They really slim the figure.
  • A small pattern will successfully hide the real size.
  • Vertical stripes, asymmetry, simple styles are better than dresses with ruffles and ribbons.
  • With a deep cleavage that reveals a delicate neck, any figure will seem more elegant. If your face is elongated, avoid a V-shaped neckline.
  • The skirt must have a cut or a slot, then the figure will seem more airy.

What kind of trousers and skirts to wear

Each girl has trousers of different lengths and jeans. Which ones should I choose? If you wear trousers, then always with arrows. The arrows will visually make you taller, and therefore slimmer. And to make your feet look even longer, choose models that will cover your shoes.

If you want to look thinner, choose straight jeans made of dark fabric. Light jeans with scuffs will make you look squat and plump.

Today, products with stripes on the sides are in fashion. It is desirable that the stripes or inserts are made of a darker fabric than the item itself, then the hips and waist will seem narrower than they really are.

If you wear loose-fitting trousers or jeans with high-heeled shoes, then it is advisable to have a length that reaches the middle of the heel. Try to avoid Capri breeches and long, baggy shorts.

Perfectly slims the pencil skirt. But it should be just above or below the knee. Well above the knee, the legs will appear too full. If it is much lower than the knee, then the legs will seem too short.

Under the skirt, you must always wear tights with the upper part in the form of “shorts”. Special fibers will tighten the tummy, and make the hips thinner.

Tan, or how to win a man

A slim tanned body will drive any man crazy. But even here it is necessary to observe a fine line between excess and a beautiful body. Only a natural tan will help you look slimmer. Achieve a beautiful golden hue, then a beautiful figure will be admired.

To make your legs look slimmer, apply the thinnest layer of artificial tan on them. The effect will be amazing. Do not get sick under artificial “sun”. Wrinkles haven’t made anyone look good yet.

Do not forget about the hairstyle. The most effective hairstyle will be a regular bun on the back of the head. So you will open your face and shoulders, creating the illusion of slimness. For the evening version, thin strands of hair framing the face are suitable. Curls that have escaped from the hairstyle have a magical effect on men.

Highlighted strands also allow you to visually slim the figure. Lighten just a few strands that will hang down near your cheeks, and you will see how young your face will become.

The main weapon of the girl is a well-chosen lipstick. Who will notice your flaws if your lips are so beautifully outlined!

Slimness and youth

Well-groomed skin, beautiful makeup, will distract attention from the extra inches. Is a young face always associated with slimness, and do slim people really look younger? You can’t find a definitive answer.

You can meet a slender woman, and her face in wrinkles, will not impress with youth and youthful freshness. And it happens, on the contrary, a plump woman has a youthful face without wrinkles. But it is necessary to fight for youth and harmony in any case!

Dress for a slim figure

The cut of the dress will help you look thinner. Among these models, you can distinguish a dress with a smell. Perhaps it is difficult to find a style that fits any figure.

You can choose a long jacket for any dress. It will perfectly hide a plump waist and wide hips. Vertical stripes will beautifully lengthen the silhouette.

Sheath Dress

The feminine version emphasizes the silhouette, not allowing you to slouch.

Slim skirts

What kind of skirts to wear to look taller and slimmer? The ones that create the hourglass effect. Fortunately, these skirts are suitable for all girls and women. Whether it’s pleating, silk, or just a trapezoid made of thick fabric. These skirts mark the waistline and gently stretch the silhouette.

How to prepare for a photoshoot

Not all women like to be photographed. Some because of the silhouette that has assumed a formless state, others because of the non-photogenic face. By the way, a successful photo where you are slim and young, despite your age, will encourage you to always look like this.

First, let’s look at how to dress so that you can enjoy your photo later. First of all, you need to get dressed for the place. If the shooting will take place in nature, then you can wear sportswear. If in a family circle, then the whole family should be dressed in the same key. If it’s on the street, then wear light clothes, because the dark ones will merge with the street background.

Avoid large prints, they will distract attention from you. Don’t forget that hats, scarves, handkerchiefs, and other accessories will add a twist to your look. Flowers will also never be superfluous.

The photo should convey not only the image but also the mood. To do this, you need to know how to pose in front of the lens.

Full-length pose

No need to strain and slouch. Slightly bend one of the legs, straighten the shoulders, turn one shoulder in the direction of the photographer, one hand can be placed on the belt.

Sitting position

Do not put your feet under you, do not clench your hands into fists, do not turn around in front of the camera. Turn the body slightly towards the camera, and stretch your legs slightly to create an aesthetic appearance.

Before the photoshoot, look in the mirror, find a pose, how best to unfold the face. In other words, find your most effective angle.

Find the right turn of the head. The best view is when the head is slightly tilted forward. Find a look that will immediately be remembered. Sometimes only the eye is visible in the photo, and you don’t pay attention to the rest.

Finally, how to look thinner is a whole art that you can learn. Take into account the advice of professionals, and you will not be afraid to take pictures or go out in public.

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