How to look thinner overnight

How to look thinner overnight

If you are a fashion model or somebody who can eat whatever she wants without gaining an ounce, this advice is not for you. For the rest of us who merely glance at a cupcake and gain two pounds on our thighs, this article was designed with you in mind.

How many times have we uttered the phrase, “Diet starts Monday” as we shove the third piece of pizza in our mouths or vowed to lose twenty pounds by summer to wear a bikini? If losing weight has yet to come to fruition,

Here are some fashion tips you can apply right away to give your body a slimmer appearance.

Fitted blazers: Fortunately, with the fall and winter months fast approaching, blazers should be abundant in most department stores. The key is to find a blazer that does not simply hang on our bodies. While many of us like to hide behind frumpy or large items of clothing, when shopping for a blazer, actually look for one that is slightly fitted. You will also want to get a blazer that stops right at or right below your waist.

Do not worry about keeping it buttoned since the current trend is to keep the blazer open. Once you have a blazer, pair it with a fitted camisole. The wonderful thing about a blazer is you can wear it for both professional functions as well as casual affairs. Simply pair the blazer and camisole with a fitted skirt for business or pair the blazer and camisole with jeans and heels for the evening.

Black clothes: Many people who want to appear slimmer have unfortunately taken the concept of black clothes to the extreme. You do not have to wear a black top, black slacks, black shoes, AND black underwear to get the slimming effect. In fact, wearing all black will just make you look drab.

Wherever you need the slimming effect is where the black item of clothing should be worn. For example, if you are top-heavy, wear a black top with jeans or khakis or a colorful skirt. If you tend to wear your weight below the belt, invest in a black skirt or black slacks and pair this with a lighter-colored top.

Accentuate the positive: Most everybody has a feature they are most proud of. For some, it is the legs, while others have nice arms. Accentuate your positive features instead of hiding your entire body behind your clothes. If you have nice legs, wear a skirt that comes right above the knees (this does not mean wearing skimpy mini-skirts) and pair it with some nice heels.

This will give you instant height and make your legs appear longer which will slim your entire body. If you have nice toned arms, wear a sleeveless shirt to show them off.

V-necks: If you want your neck to appear longer and more elegant (a la Audrey Hepburn), invest in some v-neck shirts or shirts that have a slight plunge in the neckline.

Stripes: Most fashion experts will agree that horizontal stripes simply make a person appear wider than normal, so avoid them if at all possible. Instead, choose diagonal or vertical stripes to give the illusion of being slimmer and taller.

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