How to look taller

Are you dissatisfied with your petite height and want to visually increase it? You can add a few extra inches to your height using our tips and how to look taller.

How to look taller
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Tall models always attract attention. If you are the owner of small stature, do not despair. With the right choice of wardrobe, you can also stand out from the crowd and be noticed. To do this, use our fashion tips. Using them, you will be able to correctly add a few centimeters to your height and you will look like tall beauty.

Don’t give up on low-speed shoes

Most petite girls wear high heels all the time. For special occasions, for an ordinary walk, and for work. High heels for short people become a daily routine, from which the feet quickly get tired. You don’t have to choose a heel, because even without it, you can visually increase the length of your legs:

  1. Models with a pointed toe. Such models are very relevant in 2020-2021. Sharp-nosed mules and kitten heels are a great low-speed option. Shoes with a pointed toe can create the illusion of a higher height, but at the same time, you will be comfortable and comfortable.
  2. Sophisticated shoes with thin clasps. A girl with a short stature should lengthen and lighten the lower part of her body. In this case, fine and neat lacing, fasteners and other details perfectly help. Give up bulky and massive shoes that will look bad on you.
  3. Choose solid colors for your clothes and shoes. This is especially true for shoes without heels. Loafers, Chelsea shoes, brogues, sneakers and sneakers are best chosen either to match the color of your skin, or to match the color of the clothes themselves. So, they will create the illusion of lengthening the legs. This color will not create contrasts and will not divide your height into small separate parts.

If desired, a girl with short stature can find many interesting options for low-running shoes and forget about heels for a while.

Choose high-rise clothing

The high waist prevails for more than one season. It’s also a great way to lengthen your legs. Matching jeans with this fit for short girls:

  • direct models;
  • narrowed-down models;
  • mom jeans;
  • boyfriends.

It is advisable for you to give up shortened options, as well as oversized models. But if you still choose them, then beige pumps are better combined with them.

A high fit doesn’t just apply to trousers and jeans. High-waisted skirts and dresses look great and relevant for short girls. Short fashionistas are not only suitable for mini skirts, even a maxi length can effectively lengthen your legs. The mini length will accentuate the length of your legs, while the maxi lengthens your entire silhouette.

Remember the vertical lines

Vertical lines on your clothes will automatically lengthen your silhouette and make you several centimeters taller. This applies to any clothing:

  • for pantsuits;
  • sundresses;
  • dresses;
  • skirts;
  • shorts;
  • raincoats;
  • coats, etc.

An elongating” role ” can be played by a print, buttons, creases of trousers, or a cutout on a blouse.

Use monochrome images

Monochrome looks are a good choice for short girls. In them, things belong to the same color tone. Monochrome outfits are out of fashion, they are always relevant and can lengthen you. It is desirable that your image creates a clear silhouette and does not use layers.

Remember that monochrome is not only about black and white, but also trying to experiment with different colors. The color scheme can be either completely in the same color, or in similar shades. The color vertical can be either external (pantsuit) or internal (clothing under a coat).

Monochrome looks don’t like frills in jewelry, so try not to add too much decoration.

Thin belts and a small print are suitable for you

A thin strap will perfectly complement your dress, unlike wide belts, which are suitable only for tall girls. A thin belt will clearly mark your waistline, as well as form a higher line of the beginning of the legs.

Give up large drawings in the direction of small flowers, peas, etc. They will make your image more light and airy.

Girls with short stature should give up the fashionable oversize. It’s not the first season that tight clothes have not become too modern, so give preference to things with a slightly loose straight cut that will not fit the figure, but at the same time emphasize it.

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