How to look taller men

With the right clothes, you can smooth out some of the shortcomings, such as short stature or excess weight, and appear taller and slimmer than you really are. Conversely, if the clothes are chosen incorrectly, even a tall, athletic guy can look like a dwarf with a beer belly.

How to look taller men
 Nicholas Swatz

Here are 10 simple yet effective tips to help you look more presentable.

Choose clothes with the right fit

Protruding shoulders, long trousers falling overshoes, hanging trousers in the waist area — in all this, a person looks as if he put on his father’s suit and went to school in this form. Because of this, even a pumped-up man will look ridiculous: his shoulders, despite the increase in width at the top, will seem smaller, and the waist and hips will be wider.

It is worth giving preference to reasonably fitted clothing. It may not be tight, but it should be thinner, tailored to your figure — to emphasize its lines, and not hang like a bag.

If you don’t want to spend money on tailoring clothes, you can take your things to the tailor so that he can sew them to fit your figure. This inexpensive change will help dramatically improve your appearance.

Wear dark solid colors

You can say that it’s boring, but the dark color really works, making a person look thinner than they really are. In addition — and very few people know this — dark clothing makes a person taller. The fact is that dark colors remove shadows and minor flaws like wrinkles, which are very noticeable on light materials.

Due to the fact that dark things do not have such a disadvantage, the silhouette turns out to be more “smooth”. Dark items also eliminate the contrast created by light reflection, which draws extra attention to imperfections.

We don’t suggest switching completely to black clothing. There are other dark colors, such as gray, blue, and brown.

Choose proportional accessories

Many guys make the mistake of wearing disproportionate accessories. For example, the smaller the watch, the more unnatural it will look against the background of a wide wrist. Conversely, a huge clock gives the impression that a person is anorexic.

If you have large forearms — you should wear a large watch so that it visually reduces the hand. The same goes for a tie. If you have a small stature, you should give up wide ties, and also do not use a full Windsor knot. Instead, it is better to choose a narrow tie and a quarter knot. You should also make sure that the tie does not go beyond the waistline, as this visually shortens the body.

As for the glasses, their size depends on the shape of the face. If you have a narrow face, do not choose wide glasses-otherwise it will seem even narrower. And vice versa. We think the message is clear: choose accessories for your figure, without focusing on the average values.

Wear similar tones

One of the most common mistakes is the wrong combination of top and bottom. Many guys wear light tops and dark bottoms, which makes their bodies look shorter. Instead, it’s best to minimize the contrast by choosing colors that are similar in tone — such as black pants and a gray shirt-so that there is no noticeable border between the top and bottom.

If you don’t believe it — just watch the festive ceremonies with celebrities, at least the same “Oscar”. Even short actors like Tom Cruise look quite long, despite the height of 170 centimeters. Combined with well-fitting, body-shaped clothing, this gives an even greater effect.

Choose the right drawing

There is an opinion that short people should not choose clothes with horizontal stripes, as the latter visually makes the figure shorter; but it is recommended to wear clothes with vertical stripes, thanks to which they will look taller.

In fact, this is the case when size matters, and the smaller the better. It doesn’t matter which pattern you prefer, as long as the patterns are small. A close-up drawing makes you look lower down. Even if they are vertical, but bold stripes — visually they will shorten your body in the same way as similar vertical ones.

Wear high-rise trousers

Now a high-rise fit is in fashion, as it was in the 80s. This also applies to the range of jeans and trousers for men. This is good, because a low fit is not suitable for short men, since in such pants the legs seem shorter.

The fact is that visually the waist is determined not where it really is, but where it is formed by clothing. To lengthen your legs, just choose jeans with a medium or high fit.

Tuck in your shirt

A long shirt visually shortens your legs and reduces your height. Therefore, if you want to look taller, you should tuck your shirt into your pants. This tip works even better if you combine it with the previous one. So the legs will seem even longer. And if you don’t know what to wear in the summer,

Choose cropped pants

Why do young guys seem taller than they really are? They dress in fashion, choosing trousers with a high waist and a cropped bottom. This makes their legs look longer. But keep in mind that this doesn’t work with wide-legged pants.

Conversely, if the trousers are folded directly over the shoes — the person looks lower. Coupled with a long jacket or jacket, a person looks like a dachshund. Of course, when we talk about cropped trousers, we mean the reasonable limits that allow you to appear in such an outfit in decent society, and not just on walks.

Choose thin outerwear

In our country, the climate is mostly harsh, so to refuse voluminous clothes will be the height of stupidity. But in the warm spring and autumn, if you want to look slimmer, you should give preference to thinner outerwear. To compensate for the deterioration of the warming effect, you can wear warmer base layers, such as thermal underwear.

The jacket should not be too long. It is best if its length reaches the middle of the thigh. In this case, there will be no visual shortening of the legs.

Wear taller shoes

High-heeled shoes are heavy and uncomfortable, and even negatively affect your posture. By higher shoes, we mean models with heels of 2-4 centimeters. It seems like an insignificant number, but this increase will make you visually taller. In this case, the heel will be invisible to others, unlike higher models.

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