How to look pretty without makeup

There are many tips on how to do makeup while still looking natural. But you can look pretty without makeup on your face.

how to look pretty without makeup

No matter how high-quality makeup products you use on your face, you need to take a break from powder, blush, eye shadow, and mascara from time to time. And, while the models on the box come with beautiful fake lashes, perfect skin, and perfect brows, there’s no way you can achieve the same results with these products. Even if you spend the whole day in front of the mirror.

Makeup is designed to emphasize the beauty of your face. But try to skip it from time to time and go out in public in your natural way.

If you want to learn how to look fresh and pretty without using makeup, keep reading these helpful tips.


So that the face in the morning does not look swollen, and bruises do not freeze under the eyes — you need to sleep enough hours for your body. The number of hours varies significantly depending on a person’s age, so you will need to calculate your biorhythm. You also need to go to bed and get up at the same time, do not overdo it. After all, like lack of sleep, too much sleep also has a bad effect on the condition of the skin in a negative way.


Dehydration and fatigue are immediately noticeable on the face. To make your skin look hydrated, you need to drink water. We are not talking about tea, juice, soda, or coffee, but about clean, ordinary water, but of course, preferably purified (filtered or bottled).


The food you eat is very important for your bright and youthful appearance. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits for a radiant complexion.

Facial cleansing

Facial cleansing is essential for the beauty of your skin. Even if you haven’t applied makeup, you should wash and clean your face before going to bed. What for? The air that our face comes into contact with carries a lot of harmful particles that stick to the surface of the skin. In addition, we often unconsciously touch our faces with hands that are not always the cleanest. Finally, there are natural oils that act as skin protectors, but to a large extent (especially if you have oily skin) can clog pores and cause problems.

Tip: Wash your face with cold water to speed up blood circulation.

Neat eyebrows

Thick eyebrows have been trending for the past few seasons, so you don’t need much effort to figure them out. However, this does not mean that you should completely forget about tweezers. From time to time, shape your eyebrows, and also brush them with special combs so that they are neat, and if they are too long, shorten the hairs with scissors.

Even if you do not use makeup, the beautiful and neat shape of the eyebrows will well emphasize the favorable features of your face. Each eyebrow shape is inherently unique, but you need to choose it based on the oval of the face so that it best suits and harmonizes with you. Be sure to make regular adjustments to your eyebrows to keep them always in perfect shape.

Face creams

Face creams are essential for soft skin. They moisturize your face and protect it from negative effects. During the day, wear a protective factor and apply a moisturizer at night.


For a good appearance of the face, the hairstyle is also a key factor! The right hairstyle can do wonders for your appearance. Also, make sure that your hair is always clean and tidy. Even if you have perfect makeup, if your hair is greasy and fluffy, you probably won’t look attractive. So, a good hairstyle takes first place!

If you decide not to use cosmetics, but you have colored hair, then they should always be tinted regularly. When there are no visible overgrown hair roots, then the whole image seems more neat and tidy. And if the hair color is very beautiful in harmony with the tone of your skin and eye color — it means that a feminine and very attractive image is provided for you.

Skin Care

When your skin looks healthy, without age spots, pimples, acne, blackheads, and blackheads, then your whole image automatically becomes beautiful and attractive. You need to take care of your skin regularly, wiping it with a tonic in the morning and evening, trying to apply cleansing masks once a week, and always washing your face after visiting the street.

Sunscreen treatment

Such a tool is not in fact cosmetics and it can and even should be used if you decide not to tint your eyes, as well as tint your skin. The fact is that when the sun is active, the skin of the face begins to peel off, which will lead the entire image to an unkempt state.


Teeth whitening is the very first way to become beautiful without using makeup. The teeth should shine clean and not have a yellow or gray tint.


No matter how trite it may sound, a smile is really the most beautiful face decoration. If you look bright and smile, you won’t need makeup to make people like you and look good. A smile will make your face shine!

Whatever your reason for leaving your makeup on, it’s important that you look great at all times and are confident in yourself and your natural lifestyle.

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