How to look Prettier

Every woman, not to mention girls, always wants to look more attractive than she sees herself. It’s just a woman’s nature to strive for perfection. How to get closer to the ideal?

According to statistics, 70 % of girls and women are dissatisfied with their appearance. This figure is simply appalling in its hopelessness. It turns out that most of the fair sex has some idealistic ideas about beauty, divorced from reality. Naturally, this does not have the best effect on women’s self-esteem.

In this article, you will find an exhaustive list of tips on how to look Prettier and glow up woman and learn to appreciate this beauty.

How to look Prettier
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What is beauty?

Since ancient times, women’s beauty has stirred the minds of artists, poets, and philosophers. Thousands of people have puzzled over what true beauty is and why ideas about it change so dramatically at different times.

There is no universal formula for beauty, but it is possible to trace the general trend in those manifestations that people consider beautiful. Sociologists have identified an important evolutionary mechanism underlying the concept of beauty. Beauty makes you want to join it. It encourages people to improve and grow.

Therefore, in any given period of time, what is considered beautiful is that which indicates the high position of a person in the social hierarchy and the strength of his personality. That is, about a good internal and external organization.

For example, there were times when very fat women were considered beautiful. They were idolized, celebrated, and held up as examples. But these were hungry times when most people couldn’t afford to eat properly and were on the verge of exhaustion. Fullness then testified to a high standard of living compared to other people and therefore was considered beautiful.

Today, the conditions are completely different: no one is starving, but rather the opposite. The abundance of high-calorie refined food makes weight gain an option available to absolutely everyone.

Beautiful today are considered well-groomed, moderately slender, and fit girls. Their appearance suggests that they have enough time, money, and willpower to take care of themselves: go to the gym, do not stuff themselves with junk food, visit a cosmetologist, etc. And until the situation in the world radically changes, these basic ideas about beauty will remain with us.

How to look Prettier than you are: 11 basic rules

It turns out that there are many ways to please yourself, and not all of them involve expensive beauty treatments and grueling diets. So how do you make yourself look prettier than you are?

Rule 1: get rid of unnecessary information!

  • The less you look at photoshopped beauties on the Internet, the better. Remember: they are also not perfect, just like you, because often their beauty is the result of the photographer’s skill, who managed to find the right angle and then worked on editing the image.
  • After all, there is something that brings you genuine pleasure: cooking, interest groups, cats and dogs, after all!
  • So look through these pages, rejoicing and enjoying, and not complaining. This way you will be less fixated on your shortcomings and think about how to become more beautiful.

Rule 2: Make yourself feel sexy

  • As you know, our desire to look perfect is largely determined by arousing the interest of men. And in this case, complacency and dissatisfaction with yourself are one of the main reasons for the lack of proper male attention.
  • Therefore, it should be understood that there are no non-sexual women, there are women who are unsure of their sexuality. We proceed from this rule and radiate self-confidence.

Rule 3: Hygiene is the key to attractiveness and confidence

  • You will always feel confident if your hairstyle is well laid out, your body emits a barely perceptible aroma of cleanliness and good perfume.
  • A daily shower, regular hair washing, fresh breath, use of antiperspirant-and you are always ready to meet the one and only.

Rule 4: Don’t forget to smile

  • A smile brightens up any person, making them attractive to the interlocutor. Give smiles to old and casual acquaintances, even those with whom you accidentally met eyes.
  • A smile encourages politeness on both sides, not to mention the fact that in the eyes of others, your face attractiveness will be significantly greater than if you appeared in front of them with a frown and a worried face.

Rule 5: Find something you like to do

  • Do not think that all the problems lie only in appearance. In order not to feel “worse than others” and appear more beautiful, do dancing, sewing, drawing, music – anything that will allow you to feel your worth as a person and thereby attract interest in yourself as an extraordinary and talented person.
  • This, again, will give you confidence, and it is she who attracts the attention of others.

Rule 6: Nails should be perfect

Rule 7: Enjoy compliments

  • No need to underestimate your charm and charm. Never explain in response to the admiration of your hairstyle or the sparkle in your eyes, what work it cost you to achieve this.
  • Do not find flaws in the dress that caused a compliment-just say “thank you” with a sense of self-esteem that others will appreciate in addition.

Rule 8: Delicious and healthy food

  • Fruit is delicious and healthy! Instead of spending money on cakes, buy strawberries or apples with them. Eat more vegetables and fermented dairy products – after all, yogurt and cottage cheese are no less delicious than candy.
  • Do not limit yourself to either meat or fish, choosing low-fat varieties.
  • So you will enjoy eating, look more beautiful, and your figure will start to bring you more and more satisfaction every day.

Rule 9: Love yourself as you are

  • You are individual and unique, and even small flaws can be turned into highlights, “serving” yourself to others with a smile, charm and friendliness.
  • It is not difficult to convince yourself of your uniqueness, you just need not dwell on what you yourself consider to be shortcomings (which, by the way, may not be such in the eyes of others).
  • Please yourself with new clothes, pleasant massage treatments, entertainment and favorite activities – this joy will certainly make you feel better and more beautiful than you thought yourself before.

Rule 10: Change your hairstyle

  • When a woman wants to change her life for the better, she changes her hairstyle. This basic truth is also quite useful for improving self-esteem. Just do not take up the task yourself and do not consult with your girlfriends, it is better to contact a professional.
  • In a reputable salon, you will be offered a hairstyle that suits exactly your type of face and will perform it professionally and efficiently. Spare no expense for yourself and your charm.

Rule 11: Don’t overdo your makeup

  • Even if you really don’t like your own face, the shape of your lips, or the shape of your eyes, don’t rush to fix your problems with a few pounds of makeup. Light natural makeup is a weapon of any woman, the main thing is to use it skillfully.
  • Slightly emphasize the part of your face that you think is the most advantageous – this is what will attract the attention of others.

how to look prettier for a guy

In addition to the above rules, there are many more ways to appear more beautiful and attractive to the opposite sex.

They will allow you to feel more confident, and therefore appear more beautiful to others.:

  1. Keep your posture straight, make sure that your shoulders are straight, and your head is never lowered – look straight ahead.
  2. Think about your strengths, not your weaknesses, because thoughts are material.
  3. Be sincere and direct, do not put on a mask of meaningful thoughtfulness.
  4. Get fit. The advantages are a slim figure, satisfaction that you were able to do it, which means that you will achieve even more.
  5. Grace is an integral part of beauty. Dance, do gymnastics, sign up for yoga – in short, work on your movements.
  6. Look at yourself from the perspective of someone who loves you. After all, he finds you attractive, beautiful, so you will love the same in yourself.
  7. Love nature. After all, it is beautiful in any form, and you, becoming a part of it, are irresistibly beautiful, like nature itself.
  8. Don’t avoid hugs – friends, family, or a loved one. They will make you feel how much you are loved and beautiful.
  9. Find time for a full sleep – this will have a positive effect on your health and appearance.
  10. If you smoke, give up cigarettes. You will see how much prettier you will be, how your skin glow will change for the better, and how fresh your breath will become.
  11. Don’t avoid companies, take an interest in other people – and you will feel an interest in yourself in return.
  12. Remember the beauty of your smile, take care of your teeth, and visit the dentist on time.
  13. Make everything around you beautiful: your apartment, your food, your surroundings. In this beauty, you will become prettier yourself.
  14. Avoid stress, they frown on your face, add a slouch.
  15. Do not hesitate to thank others for the most insignificant service, be grateful to life for what is happening – this mood of mind always causes sympathy.

How to look more beautiful: why do you think that you are ugly?

  • Why do you think you’re ugly? Psychologists believe that the main reason for the desire to appear more beautiful is exposure to the opinion of the majority. Generally accepted standards of beauty affect a woman’s self-esteem, which does not correspond to these parameters.
  • And the more time she spends in front of the mirror, the more she finds such inconsistencies, sometimes even far-fetched.
  • Sometimes such an opinion about themselves is formed by girls who were little praised and encouraged in childhood, on the contrary, often using phrases like ” Who will need you like this?”, ” Look at yourself-where else do you have!”, etc.
  • Such reasons, alas, instill self-doubt and their attractiveness, although in fact the girl is very nice and causes interest in guys. Simply, in her low self-esteem, she stubbornly does not notice this or does not consider it a sincere manifestation of attention.

In short, most of the reasons to consider yourself ugly actually lie in the area of psychological insecurity, and not in real unattractiveness. But after all, the standards of female beauty are constantly changing, so take all the above tips and be more beautiful than others!


Absolutely every girl has the potential to improve her appearance. I suggest you conduct an experiment and see for yourself. Right now, take some photos of yourself from all angles. Today will be considered the beginning of a marathon to improve your appearance.

Every day, follow the recommendations presented in the article and record the changes that will occur. Just don’t mess around! In order not to lose motivation halfway, you can involve a friend in the process, because together it is more fun and interesting. After a month, you will take control photos and summarize the results.

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