How to look older

If for women over the age of thirty, the question of how to prolong their youth and look younger than their age becomes relevant, then for girls of fifteen or twenty-five, the topic of how to look older is much more relevant. 

How to look older
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Rarely can a woman accept her age? First, you want to become more mature and mature faster, and then you want to return to your youth. This is completely natural for any person. But do not forget that your goals are still ahead of you and it is not necessary to strive for them ahead of time. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at how a girl looks older, and what needs to be done for this.

When you first start applying makeup, it’s easy to get confused during the application process and do stupid things. Although making mistakes is an important part of the learning process, there are times when a thick line of eyeliner and neon-green eye shadow do not benefit you at all, but rather harm you, creating an unnecessary image in the eyes of the interlocutor. If you want to learn how to look older with makeup, then follow the basic tips that I gave in this article.

Create polygons

Perhaps the biggest reason you look younger is that you have round and/or soft features, pink cheeks, a button nose, or just a small stature. All the tips include changing the perceived shape of the face by playing on contrasts and proper shading.

Contours add clarity and allow you to visually align a fuller face. Using blush adds a curve to your cheeks. Just choose a darker color than your natural skin tone and apply it directly under your cheekbones. This makeup should emphasize your facial features and add the necessary depth.

Use a light foundation

I am sure that you have at least once heard the rather offensive expression “plastered”. It is used to describe a girl who puts too much foundation on her face. In fairness, it should be noted that, as a rule, this word is applied only to teenagers.

To achieve the effect of maturity and naturalness, you need to do exactly the opposite. Skip foundation and use a light foundation, BB cream, or CC cream. This will even out the skin tone, but at the same time, avoid the effect of the mask.

Add sharpness to your nose

If you have a button nose (small and cute), then you should use cosmetics to sharpen your nose a little and make it visually slimmer. In this case, you will need a bronzer or foundation darker than your skin tone. When applying, follow the instructions below.

The main thing is, do not forget to mix it a little with your usual foundation around the edges. This will allow you to achieve a harmonious transition. So you can make your nose thinner and sharper.

Use lipstick

Forget about the days when you used lip gloss. It is usually the winner in the “Teen Choice” category. Its shimmering effect does not add to adulthood at all, but rather makes the face look younger. Lipstick is usually associated with maturity.

About the lipstick color

Darker colors, such as brown, burgundy, or deep red, will allow you to visually “throw” a few years. The main thing is to make sure that you choose the right color that matches your skin tone.

Use a lip pencil

To add an adult look to your face, you will definitely need a lip pencil! I used to think that the pencil is only needed to highlight the color of the lipstick. To make it look clearer and brighter, in fact, the lip pencil serves to prevent the lipstick from spreading to the skin around the lips during the day. Spread lipstick is a sure sign that you are still new to makeup. So always use a lip pencil when applying lipstick. Especially this advice will be relevant for dark-colored products.

Darken it

To visually look older, try to avoid light pastel shades in your eye shadow. “Smoky” color will add depth and intensity to the eye color, and black eyeliner will allow you to narrow and frame the eyes. Apply dark mascara to make your lashes look thicker and more voluminous.

Keep your balance

One of the important lessons that women learn over the years of using makeup is that balance is the most important thing. As a teenager, you can easily apply all the most beautiful products that you like to your face at once. Of course, it will look very impressive, but at the same time naive and childish. No need for frills. Make your lip color more subdued and use darker tones.

A little tip. If you still want your lips to stand out in a bright, stunning red color, make them up, but in this case, make your eye makeup more natural.

Choose eye shadows to match your eyes

The older you get, the better you will understand which shade suits you. But why wait? You can easily find out which shadows will suit you right now!

If you have blue eyes, try using metallic shades such as gold, bronze, and copper, as well as champagne colors. Brown-eyed girls can be a little bolder in their choice, especially if they have dark skin; if you are the owner of this color, then your choice is bronze and peach for daytime looks, as well as dark blue, purple, and turquoise, for bright evening make-up. For ladies with green eyes, I recommend red-orange, purple, and pink.

Last but not least. If you are the owner of brown eyes, then you just have to try gray, dusty pink, and burgundy! The effect will impress you!

Use your eyeliner correctly

Apply eyeliner between the lashes along the lash growth line. You will be amazed at how much brighter your eyes will look! Plus, it avoids using tons of eyeliner over your lash line — which is the signature makeup style of young people.


Be sure to use mascara to add expression to your eyes. However, make sure that you use a high-quality product that does not look cheap after applying it to the eyelashes. Never apply more than two coats and be sure to brush your lashes if there are lumps left somewhere.

Thick lashes look “very not very”, so if you visually want to look older, you need to achieve a restrained effect and apply as little pigment as possible to the lashes.

Eyebrow Color

If your eyebrows are thin, use a brow pencil, eye shadow, or lipstick. It is better to choose a color that matches your natural hair color (or the color of your eyebrows) or is slightly darker. DON’T OVERDO IT! Otherwise, you will look like Helga from the cartoon “Hey Arnold”.

Distinct brows frame your face and make your features sharper and more pronounced, which will take away the youthful softness of your face.

Mask pimples and post-acne

It’s no secret that due to hormonal imbalance, teenagers suffer the most from various rashes. One of the key makeup tips to look older is definitely to mask all these problems from the eyes of the people around you.

If you still suffer from acne or have new pimples here and there from time to time, use a concealer with a greenish tinge and foundation.

Try to look natural

This may be the most important tip of all of the above. Try to make light strokes when applying, without putting too much pressure on the brush. This makeup will look more natural. Otherwise, you’ll look like a teenager struggling to appear older.

Be confident in yourself

You won’t believe it, but the best makeup is confidence. I know this may sound very silly, but it’s true! Young girls tend to be very insecure and constantly think about what other people will think and say about them. But as you get older, you become less concerned about what other people think of you. So smile and love yourself. I can’t guarantee that if you limit yourself to just this method, you will no longer be asked for your passport in clubs, bars, or shops, but in combination with the right makeup, you will definitely look older and more solid.


Tips on how to look older with makeup, given in this article, will help you more easily survive those times when your still young appearance interferes with your adult desires, and others do not take you seriously. Remember that you are not alone and every woman has gone through this time stage.

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