How to look more masculine

Increasingly, women complain about men who no longer show masculinity and other strong character traits that would strikingly distinguish them from the opposite sex. More and more men show themselves to be tender and vulnerable, which sometimes annoys the ladies. 

How to look more masculine
Masood Aslami

And the men themselves no longer know what is happening to them. They feel the loss of their own masculinity, which they can no longer show in the eyes of the surrounding ladies. That’s why I decided to figure out how to look more masculine.

What is masculine

Masculinity – what is it? Before you develop anything in yourself, you need to define the concept. And here the first difficulties arise. It is difficult to give a clear definition of what masculinity is. Someone will say that masculinity is a manifestation of strength and character, another will say that masculinity is a demonstration of brutality, a third is convinced that the quality in question is manifested in the presence of a large amount of money.

Since for each person, masculinity is a specific concept that may not coincide with the concept of masculinity in another person, first you need to clearly understand what it is and what exactly you want to develop in yourself. If you are already dating a woman or constantly encountering a certain category of girls, then be sure to ask them what is masculinity for them. How do they imagine a manly man?

Each woman will have different answers, but you will be able to create a general image of what ladies want to see from the stronger sex, which they will perceive as a manifestation of masculinity.

So, before you develop your masculinity, first understand what you mean by this concept. It is important not only to determine what masculinity is but also to ask women what they understand by this word. It is good if you match the masculinity that is presented to women. 

Why? Because you can be masculine in a way that suits you, but you will be unmanly or rude to women. Masculinity is aimed primarily at attracting the female sex. Therefore, it is important for you to know what qualities you can attract ladies who will call you courageous.

Why do men become weak?

A man of past centuries and a man of modern times are different representatives of the stronger sex. And don’t worry too much about it? In past centuries, wars and feuds were waged, which is why men had to show certain qualities of character and behavior. A modern man does not fight, so he does not need to be aggressive and rude. 

If you compare a medieval man with a representative of the stronger sex from ancient times, they will also be different. In primitive times, men had to survive, provide for themselves, fight not with each other, but with nature. It clearly needed certain skills and character traits that are strikingly different from the qualities that men possessed in the Middle Ages.

Thus, a modern man should not be equal to the representatives of his own sex who lived in the Middle Ages. Then the men were constantly fighting and living in limited conditions, fighting for their lives. A modern man should not fight and survive, but directs his forces to preserve his own well-being and increase his social status. By and large, no one survives, but rather just tries not to fall in social status lower than they already are.

Modern men are not weak, just their masculinity is expressed in other qualities and behavior. Now a man should not only be physically strong, cold-blooded and aggressive. Rather, these qualities are already causing him to be isolated from society. A modern man demonstrates his masculinity through the ability to make decisions, solve various life problems, earn money, provide for his family, protect his relatives from any dangers, and only rarely use his strength.

Just because a modern man doesn’t need to fight every day, take up arms, and fight someone doesn’t mean he’s become weak. A man at all times continues to remain courageous. Just the concept itself contains various qualities and behaviors, which depend on the time and conditions in which society lives.

What kind of manly man is he?

A modern man should not be equal to those representatives who lived in past centuries. The current conditions of life of the whole society force the modern man to be courageous in specific abilities and qualities. They need to be matched.

A courageous man manifests himself in appearance. Yes, appearance plays an important role in whether a man is called masculine or not. So:

  1. Hair. They definitely shouldn’t be too long. Of course, every man has his own hairstyle. There are men with long hair who look very masculine. But mostly men’s hair should be short.
  2. Stubble. This attribute is exclusively male. There are men who leave stubble, others grow a beard, others make a mustache, and so on. In other words, here a man can do what he likes. Having a beard or moustache is an exclusively masculine trait.
  3. Figure. Men who have broad shoulders, a narrow pelvis, and a flat stomach seem masculine. Whether the muscles will be pumped up, whether the body will be dense, these are other questions that do not affect masculinity. If your body is genetically broad and big, then you’re in luck. The main thing is that your body does not have a pronounced waist and fat, which makes your figure more feminine.

Do not forget about the gait and posture. Here you just need to relax and let your body move naturally. By nature, every man behaves like a man, his body movements are masculine.

Earnings of a real man and his masculinity

How much does a man have to earn to feel good about himself? Don’t you find this question strange? Why, for example, a man can not feel great, regardless of the money received? A real man has to work, and the amount of money is already a consequence of how well he has settled in. A man should be depressed not by the amount of money, but by his productivity. If it doesn’t work, it can be a reason for poor health and self-esteem. But if a man works, then he should already feel good.

There are men who equate their masculinity with the amount of money available. But it is not money that determines masculinity, but a man’s ability to work, lack of laziness, stability, etc. A person who equates masculinity with money will never consider himself a man, especially if he has little money. You need to improve your self-esteem, and not think about the amount of money in your pocket. Do not forget that if a man equates himself with money, then the attitude of other people towards him will be monetary. He will be perceived as a “money wallet”, and not as an interesting person.

A real man should earn enough money to cover the necessary expenses, entertainment, and any serious purchases. The amount of money absolutely does not determine a man’s masculinity, unless the person himself is emotionally dependent on colorful pieces of paper. A man is courageous if he knows how to work and earn money for necessary things. Therefore, do not equate yourself with money, because you and money are different phenomena in nature.

Masculinity is not proven by the presence of a large number of women

What do teenage boys usually brag about? The number of girls they were able to attract, fall in love with, and sleep with. But as it turns out, not only teenagers try to prove their masculinity by the number of sexual partners, but also adult men. It is as if people do not grow up, but continue to prove their worth to themselves and others in the same ways. That’s just not proven true masculinity by a large number of women.

A man who has not only a wife, but also a mistress, or even more than one, is not a role model. Such a man would be more likely to be called weak and irresponsible than courageous. It is much easier to “pick up” a woman than to prove your masculinity and strength. But it is in this way that some men try to prove their worth and belonging to the stronger sex.

A large number of women do not prove masculinity. Remember this though, dear men. Numerous fans are more likely to prove your inconsistency and self-doubt, rather than strength. The more mistresses a man has, the more he is not sure of himself, cannot be strong and independent of women. A man is not able to solve problems when he leaves his wife for his mistress. And women should have solidarity with each other, so as not to be “spare airfields” when men can not improve their relations with their wives.

Don’t want to be “wiped clean”? Then don’t be mistresses. Do you want to be courageous? Then build a relationship with the only woman you love and don’t run away from her.

Qualities that make a man courageous

If you want to become masculine, then develop the qualities that correspond to modern masculinity:

  1. Independence. Every man should tear himself away from his mother’s skirt and father’s purse in order to face all the problems of life on his own. Masculinity is manifested in the fact that a man provides himself with all the goods he needs, does not depend on anyone and does not hang on anyone’s neck.
  2. Ability to solve problems. Here, a man should show courage to face the problems that arise, not run away from them, but also think about the solution and act. You don’t have to run away, not only talk, but also fix problems.
  3. Ability to provide for, protect and protect your family. A woman and their children should not worry about where to live, what to eat and dress for, how to preserve their health and not become victims of evil people. These issues should be solved by a man, and often in such a way that his family members do not worry about it.
  4. Showing courage, strength, and passion towards a woman. A man should not be afraid of anything. He should always be stronger than a woman (not only physically, but also spiritually). He should always want a woman, spare no effort on her, show his readiness for sex.
  5. Responsibility. Since a man is not afraid of anything, one of the manifestations of his fearlessness will be responsibility. If a man has done something and got a result that he doesn’t quite like or requires even more commitment, then the man accepts this consequence and copes with it. He does not run away, does not try to blame someone for his troubles, does not leave a woman or other people with the consequences that were the result of his actions, but takes on everything that he himself came to.


Modern masculinity isn’t just about being able to punch someone in the face or pick up a gun. Modern masculinity has rather become a psychological manifestation, which is expressed in actions and lifestyle when a woman continues to feel protected from various life problems.

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