How to look more feminine

Most experts in the field of psychology tend to believe that women are not born, but become under the influence of the environment. But in an era of reformism, “successful success” and radical feminism, it is increasingly difficult to remain soft and sensitive. Perhaps that is why various pieces of training are gaining popularity today, telling you how to become more feminine.

If you also do not feel attractive and want to develop the characteristics of a real woman, I invite you to read this article.

How to look more feminine
Alvin Ng

What does femininity mean?

It is a model of behavior that is characterized by such qualities as sensitivity, tenderness, caring, loyalty and compassion.

At different times and in different cultures, the concept of “femininity” was also attributed to submission, sacrifice, economy, motherhood, sexuality. Girls were taught women’s skills from childhood: needlework, cooking, household chores, raising children, etc.

In the modern world, gender differences in terms of responsibilities and rights are gradually being erased. Women are free to wear trousers, build careers, hold high positions, and delegate ” women’s responsibilities” to housekeepers and nannies. But that doesn’t stop women from being women.

The concept of femininity is often associated with attractiveness. Many girls do not consider themselves attractive to the opposite sex and say that they have little femininity.

Feminine – what does it mean? After all, this is not only looking like a beautiful Aphrodite with long hair in a light dress that flutters in the wind. Each of you can put something different in this concept. You can argue about the truth for a long time.

Here I tried to present tips for developing femininity in the traditional sense. When a woman is something flexible, fluid, soft, kind, tolerant. She loves herself and knows how to create beauty around her.

How to become more feminine and attractive externally and internally

It takes more than a minute to enter a completely new image. To do this, you will need to work on your inner feeling, appearance, character, behavior, and much more. If you’re ready, then let’s get started.

Internal state

The most important difference between an attractive girl is not red lipstick, not a mini-skirt, or even a bright appearance. The most important thing is her sense of self. The way she perceives herself, and how she knows how to present her personality to society.

You probably noticed that there are women who look elegant and seductive even in stretched hoodies, sneakers, and with a careless bun on their head. And there are some that look ridiculous even in a fashionable dress and heels. All this is a shell, but the most ” delicious” and important is inside. A sparkle in the eyes, a smile, self-confidence, the ability to be relaxed and enjoying.

Remember: your condition is always primary. Everything else is assembled like a puzzle for your “stuffing”. Think about what can make your condition magical? What brings peace, fills, and charges with positive emotions?

Be sure to arrange days or at least hours just for yourself. Go out for solo walks to admire nature, sit in a cozy cafe with a cup of aromatic coffee, visit the spa. If you like to watch good movies or read interesting books, then devote your time to it. If you are energized by shopping, go shopping. It is not necessary to buy something, you can just enjoy trying on beautiful things and taking a photo.


No, it’s not about stylish clothes, although its role is difficult to overestimate. Let’s work on more natural things first:

  • Watch your facial expressions. Stress and fatigue are very easy to read on the face: it becomes tense, wrinkles appear, the appearance becomes repulsive. Relax your facial muscles as much as possible, try on a soft smile, and make yourself look more affectionate and friendly. Believe me, this is already half the battle!
  • Imagine a woman with a stooped back and shoulders pressed into the neck. Does it look attractive? I don’t think. Pay attention to your posture and gait more often. Avoid sharp, angular gestures and movements, and try to move more smoothly, gracefully, and gently.
  • Another important component is the voice and manner of communication. It is not necessary to talk like Nastenka from ” Morozko”, but you should not descend to shouting, rude and obscene words, irritated or offended tone. At the same time, it is important that politeness and friendliness in the voice are present not only in communication with relatives and loved ones. You need to keep the brand everywhere: in a taxi, at the checkout in a supermarket, when talking to colleagues, waiters, etc. After all, femininity is not activated by the “start” button but is a lifestyle.
  • Ask about some rules of etiquette. No, you don’t need to memorize what oyster forks look like and learn how to curtsy. But it is important to know that it is indecent to point your finger at people or talk loudly on the phone in transport.


This step should be approached only when the previous two steps are well understood. Traditionally, women’s attributes are dresses, skirts, ruffles, jewelry. But in order to feel feminine and attractive, all this is not necessary. You just need to feel comfortable, and that the model of clothing looked harmoniously on your figure.

Undoubtedly, a girl in a dress risks attracting more attention than in jeans. But if you’ve never worn skirts before and feel like a white spot on a gray tablecloth, choose something that you like and feel comfortable in.

Give preference to natural and pleasant-to-the-touch fabrics in pastel colors. Don’t go too far with the trendy and flashy if you’re not sure it suits you. Observe the measure in jewelry: let them be a little, but to the place and in the subject. Do not overdo it with perfume – a barely perceptible trail will be enough.

Of course, do not forget about hygiene and aesthetics. Why think through an outfit when your head is unwashed, and the nail polish is peeling off.

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This step can also be attributed to internal content. Here, again, it is not necessary to choose for yourself “traditionally female” hobbies like cross-stitch or playing the piano. You can be interested in carb repair and be no less feminine and sexy for men. The main thing is to have fun and relax your soul.

To boost your feminine energy, coaches and coaches often recommend dancing. It not only charges with positive emotions, but also helps to develop plasticity, makes the body more flexible and plastic, and the movements become smooth and soft. Perfect for ballroom, oriental, Latin American dances, salsa, strip plastic, stretching, and others.

Borrowing experience

Nothing helps you develop the desired qualities more than a good example. Chat with friends whose manners and style of dress you admire. Do you remember the proverb “With whom you lead, from that, you will gain”? Try to have people around you as often as possible who can help you learn something useful.

If you don’t have any girls around you that you’d like to look up to, look at public celebrities. Which of them appeals to you? Just do not become their copies, trying to imitate everything. Make a note of a couple of ” tricks”, such as hand movements or gaze, and try to apply them in practice.

How to develop femininity in a relationship with a man

It is impossible to look feminine in the eyes of the opposite sex without accepting the masculinity of the partner or playing his role. And even if you are convinced that it will be much faster and easier to fix the closet door yourself or choose a restaurant for dinner, do not kill the initiative in a man. And even if you are convinced that it will be much faster and easier to fix the closet door yourself or choose a restaurant for dinner, do not kill the initiative in a man.

Learn to ask for and let go of control. Let the man himself open a jar of pickles, pay for your dress, solve the problem with a leaky faucet. And you will sincerely thank him for this and reward him with a look full of respect and admiration.

Someone can argue and say that a woman can do everything herself, that looking like a helpless princess is vulgar and out of date. But we’re learning about femininity here, aren’t we? No one says that you need to hang your paws and loudly announce that I can’t do anything. It’s about being able to do everything, but at the same time arouse in a man the desire to help and give him the opportunity to express himself.

Believe me, the ability to accept help and give thanks is also an art, the mastery of which will definitely bear fruit.

Techniques and exercises for developing femininity in yourself

In this section, you will find the most popular practices that are discussed in women’s training.

I am A Woman

Repeat this phrase aloud several times. You can even stand in the mirror and look at this moment in your face, examining the body. Many women have mixed feelings when talking about their feminine nature. Someone feels shy and awkward, someone hears a tremor in his voice, someone feels disbelief and even starts laughing. What are you experiencing?

This seemingly simple exercise perfectly identifies gaps in the topic of femininity. Do you accept yourself in this role or are you afraid of it, are you confident in it, etc.


I will not open America for you if I say that a mother is the main woman in a child’s life, that it is she who lays the foundations of femininity in a girl, shows an example of relationships with men, instills confidence in the world and self-confidence. This is ideal. In fact, many people have not received a very pleasant psychological inheritance and are forced to work on themselves independently. But this is not a reason to be angry with your parents.

An extremely important step on the path to femininity is to accept your mother. With all its shortcomings, fears, traumas. The least you can do, whether she is alive or not, is to ask her forgiveness for the misunderstanding between you, thank her for the opportunity to see this world, and forgive yourself for not being able to build a harmonious relationship.

There are many other ways to feel feminine energy. For example:

  • Listen to special meditations in video or audio format.
  • Repeat affirmations. These are positive statements in the form of a short phrase. For example, from the Soviet film with Irina Muravyova ” The most charming and attractive”.
  • Study your body for pleasure, experience orgasms.
  • Read books on relationships, psychology, parenting, and so on. So you will better understand your nature and get a magic kick to start changing. For example, I advise you to start with a book Olga Valyaeva “The purpose of being a woman”.


We have reviewed some rules of femininity, adhering to which you will very soon be able to feel positive changes, including in the attitude of others to you.

However, I can’t ignore one detail. I always oppose different patterns and am convinced that you can not row all under one comb. Remember that if you try to make someone else out of yourself, you risk losing something unique and amazing about yourself.

Being feminine is still more about an inner sense of self, the ability to accept and love yourself, treat your body with awe, enjoy life, and be able to put the reins of power in the hands of strong men from time to time. And you can stay like this in any image, with any physique, character, and interests.

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