How to Look Handsome

Yes, many guys have a wrong perception of themselves, a lot of different complexes. And naturally, most guys want beautiful girls to like them. And naturally, some guys consider themselves not beautiful for a girl. So now let’s talk about how to become a handsome guy, like girls, and generally the reasons why guys do not like girls.

How to Look Handsome
Marlene Leppänen

How to become a good-looking guy?

What does it mean to be a good-looking guy? What are the criteria for male beauty? Who identified them? Understand such a thing that you will not be able to please everyone. And to become beautiful and cute, then for what purposes? Just like girls or show business? If that would just appeal to girls, then let’s talk about it a little lower.

The most important thing

First of all, go to the rocking chair and start swinging. A toned body strongly compensates for a face deprived of beauty. Most likely, after rocking, a good facial expression will appear, which girls really like. You know, such a hard look.

It is advisable to start going to swing with a trainer, he will tell you the training complex and write a program and diet. The rest is a small matter, do the exercises and do not be lazy. Yes, the main thing is not to be lazy, no one will do it for you if you really want to become beautiful.

Contact your stylist

If you consider yourself not super handsome on the face, so the stylist will help. Only a good one will choose your style, hairstyle, and other recommendations. Usually, this should be enough if there are no strong flaws in appearance.

Perhaps you just grow a mustache or beard that doesn’t suit you and it will be enough to get rid of the excess to find the path of a real handsome man. But again, it is better to sit in the rocking chair.


Surely you have a friend who can help you choose a style of clothing for you. Simply put, take any girl you trust or are at least friends with. Save up a lot of money and go to the store, and buy clothes. So that it would be good and fit the style.

Next, let your friend tell you what and what is better to wear with what, and then you have a huge chance to become a beautiful and unique guy. And yes, on a well-toned body, clothes look better.

Get your body in order

If you are fat and in your childhood, you always shouted “Fat on the gate”, then it makes sense to think and adjust your weight to the correct shape. If you’re fat, at least start running and eating less. But if there is no willpower, then practice denying yourself pleasure.

If you are too thin on the contrary, then start eating more, and it is better to use the tips that I mentioned a couple of times. Namely, eat a lot and sign up for a rocking chair. This will be more efficient.

Sense of humor

If you learn to be funny, humorous, and generally the soul of the company. This will be a huge plus than your appearance. If you know how to make a girl laugh, then you can win her heart. A smiling guy is initially beautiful and attractive. Read more on how to develop charisma.

Overall grooming

When I was young, we had a popular punk movement. Go crowds of unwashed people, dirty, smelling. Such a lifestyle. And how do you think such a punk would approach an ordinary girl, what would the girl say to this? Yes, I wouldn’t communicate. So here’s a simple rule. Clothing should be clean and tidy, without holes, if this is not provided for by the design.

You should smell nice or neutral. Smelly armpits are just awful, no one likes this smell. Well, judge for yourself, you see a girl, and she smells like sweat, very nice? 

Be shaved, washed, clean, and showered every day in the morning. Socks don’t stink, and shoes don’t stink either. The clothes are ironed. Simply put, watch yourself.

Pickup training sessions

If you are afraid to meet girls, then be sure to go to the pickup training. There you will understand that appearance is not always the main thing in seduction and it makes sense to swing in your development. The more developed and well-read you are, the more interesting you become as a conversationalist.

Personally, for me, pickup training was a discovery a long time ago and turned my life around dramatically. But if I hadn’t happened to get there then, I probably would have been greatly degraded, not interested in psychology, and so on.

Train your voice

Yes, it’s not related to your appearance, but your voice is your strong weapon. If everything is directed to please girls, then your voice, if it is well placed, will seduce girls for one or two.

We need a low chest voice, see how to train it in the video. This is a very strong voice, training it will have a positive impact not only on girls but in general on all people. I call this voice of power. Deep, deep voice, remember.

Why don’t girls like us?

Who told you such a thing that girls don’t like you? Just because girls ignore you and don’t show signs of liking you doesn’t mean that no one likes you. Girls generally find it most difficult to take the first step, so she usually hides all their sympathies and shows equal interest.

Another option, if a girl told you that you are not her type, what should you do? It’s okay, she probably told you that because she wants to test you for perseverance. He wants to see how you’re going to behave.” Girls generally like to manipulate, they are good at it.

Inferiority complex

It’s a common problem for young guys. Lack of confidence in yourself and what a girl might like. In fact, this is the main key to the girl’s heart and not external beauty. More precisely, beauty has a place to be, but in second place, self-confidence and perseverance come first. But don’t confuse it with overconfidence.

Yes, by the way, sometimes impudence is useful, but everything is in moderation and when it is appropriate, and not just to take on a whim. You have to feel it.

Inferiority complexes need to be addressed or replaced with confident behavior. But I recommend the first tip, because it removes the uncertainty in the bud, and does not mask it. Remember that your inferiority complexes are all driven by emotions that are easily neutralized and that will no longer bother you.

Fear of not being liked by girl

In addition to the inferiority complex, there are a lot of different fears. And this is one of the strongest constraints. Your psyche is trying to leave you in the comfort zone, so there is, for example, such fear as fear of success or fear of liking a girl. Like you’re used to not liking girls, but if I do, what then? Etozh will have to go on a date.

Say something, make eye contact. But damn, I’m so used to being alone, why am I dragging myself to the cafe? I’d rather stay in this place and not develop. But believe me, there is a way out, and again this is a rocking chair. Physical strength in most cases will protect you from fears. You will be pumped up, look in the mirror, which means you like yourself, and if you like yourself, then others like you. Therefore, one of the main rules is that if you love and appreciate yourself, then others love and appreciate you. This is psychology.

Furthermore, you will acquire a certain shell of self-confidence and courage. You’ll get to know each other wherever you want, regardless of your appearance. Because once again, men’s appearance is not the main thing for girls. There are, of course, those who only serve super beauties, but there are only a few of them.

Everything else is your inner qualities and only they will show the girl who you really are and that she will be comfortable, fun and calm with you.


It’s over the guy is beautiful there is a sense to be that would like girls. But it is not in the first place. As I wrote above, it is better to develop personal qualities and appearance is no longer necessary. I know a lot of guys who didn’t make faces, so to speak, but they have plenty of girls. Therefore, I suggest that you develop as well.

And of course, learning how to make money, is also not an unimportant factor. Money is a resource and by managing money, you can manage girls. But don’t buy them. Why spend on what you’re supposed to do by nature? Yes, dating girls and having sex is natural. And then the strongest and most confident gets everything.

And believe me, it’s quite easy to change and grow from a frog to a prince if you start doing it. Go to a couple of training, although your friends will be against it, but still go for general development will be useful.

Here is an article on how to become a more beautiful guy, I think you found the answer, even though all these lines were written in 60 minutes. The main thing here is not to bother, but to act.

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