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Every time more and more celebrities decide to give up makeup. At least for a while. How do they preserve the beauty and freshness of the face? It’s not that hard! Get ready to learn all about 19 celebrity tricks to look good without makeup.

Carla Medeiros

Carla Medeiros has become one of the latest celebrities to stick to the side of natural beauty. All-stars strive to look beautiful without the use of cosmetics. In fact, there are no easy ways to achieve clean, healthy, beautiful skin. You need to use effective beauty tricks. Like what? Now we will tell you everything in detail.

1: Cleanse your skin

Consistency is the key to success. That is, it is necessary not to miss care procedures, not to be lazy, but to do them every day. You just need to clean your skin in the morning and at night. Therefore, a good cleanser will be a key element in your facial skincare. It can be a cleansing gel, milk, micellar water… Try several options and choose the most suitable one.

2: Keep your Skin Hydrated

All dermatologists unanimously declare that well-hydrated skin is healthy skin. That’s why hyaluronic acid and vitamin C are very popular right now. These substances moisturize the skin very well and retain moisture in it for a long time. Look for products that are light in consistency but creamy in texture. Moisturized skin will look shiny, supple, and clean.

3: Drink water

Often girls take this trick at face value. Everyone knows that you need to drink plenty of water, but this is not a healing substance for the skin. You just need to know that one and a half liters of water are your daily allowance, which you need to adhere to. Yes, water will have a positive effect on the skin, but do not get carried away and drink a few liters a day.

4: Massage your Face

If you’ve tried a facial massage before, you know that it’s a very effective trick. The boom of jade rollers has proven that facial massage at home is very effective. It is important to know the technique of this massage to achieve better blood circulation. It is this factor that affects the freshness of the face. Dermatologists recommend Japanese massage, which even creates a lifting effect: the facial muscles rise and the skin seems to tighten.

5: Curl your lashes

The eye area always shows fatigue, aging. It is important to find a glowing and rested look. This can easily be done with the help of eyelash care. Make-up artists recommend pre-heating the elastic band on the curling iron of the eyelashes. This is necessary so that the rounded shape of the eyelashes lasts longer. How to do it? Just touch the rubber band with a hot flattener or curling iron. After curling your lashes, brush them with a special brush. Yes, it should definitely be in your makeup bag.

6: Try an Eyelash Lift

If you need a more stable result than from forceps and brushes, then you can always contact the salon. There you will be offered to do light lifting and coloring of eyelashes. In this case, the paint will last a very long time. It does not wash off from water or sweat, from the sun or seawater. This method is ideal for those who do not want to apply makeup every day.

7: Create a beautiful brow shape

Beautiful eyebrows are a guarantee of a beautiful look. Women very often ask salons to make their eyebrows a shade darker than their hair. And all because slightly darkened eyebrows make you look a few years younger. Keep in mind that your eyebrows should have a beautiful shape and rich color.

8: Normalize your diet

A proper diet can make your skin look light and vibrant, hydrated, and shiny. Dermatologists recommend following a generally accepted healthy diet: eat foods rich in nutrients (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats). This is not only good for the skin, but also for the whole body.

9: Nutricosmetics

This is one of the newest and most popular trends. We are talking about cosmetics filled with vitamins. Thanks to this, the skin looks healthy, it does not appear spots. For example, a powder with vitamins will help eliminate signs of aging on the skin, activate cells, and improve blood circulation. Such cosmetics have many advantages, and most importantly-it restores skin cells.

10: Fight the bags under your eyes

There is such an eye contour created specifically to combat dark circles under the eyes. The composition of these cosmetics includes imperial peony, which will balance the skin color and remove bags under the eyes.

11: Make Snags

Not all girls can immediately completely abandon makeup. For this purpose, an almost imperceptible basis has been invented! It creates the effect itself as if you are not wearing makeup. Delicate color and soft texture are all you need.

12: Apply your Moisturizer like a Porthole

Despite the fact that the use of a porthole has no restrictions, it is still worth replacing it with a moisturizer. The effect will be the same! Apply it on the cheeks, under the brow, under the nose, and in the center of the forehead. These areas will shine, and your face will look young, fresh, and healthy.

13: Moisturize your lips

Lips are the part of the face that does not require special care. Just do a lip scrub twice a month.

14: Use lip Balm

Yes, it is this product that perfectly moisturizes the lips. Do not forget to use the balm, especially in the winter cold.

15: Apply the balm to your cheeks

If your lip balm has color, then you can use it as a natural blush. If you have a soft pink balm, then this is the best option. Just apply it to your cheeks with a light touch of your fingers.

16: Clean your face every three months

Of course, it is better to do a professional facial cleaning every month, but since it can be very expensive, we suggest that you limit yourself to low costs. Your pores should be clean! This helps to assimilate the useful substances of creams and masks.

17: Exercise before going out

Cardio exercises improve the condition of the skin by accelerating blood circulation. You can go for a jog, jump rope… Thanks to this, the skin will be light and filled with oxygen. You won’t need any makeup at all!

18: Wear sunscreen

All dermatologists and pharmacists trumpet this. Never go outside without sunscreen. It will prevent the appearance of pathologies on the skin, premature aging, the appearance of spots and wrinkles.

19: Do your hair

Our hairstyle and hair color greatly affect our appearance. Carefully care for your hair and do not forget about stylish coloring techniques. Trending haircuts, hairstyles, and colorings of 2022 will help you make the right choice.

These 19 tricks are the shortest and most effective way to achieve natural beauty. and look good all day. And don’t forget about the secrets of fashion and style!

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