How to look good in pictures

Good morning to readers. Did you know that sunrise and sunset are the perfect lightings for perfect photos? These and other facts about a good portrait, and how to look beautiful in photos – are below in the text.

How to look good in pictures
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Why it is important to be able to pose

Many people refuse to take photos, arguing that they are “not photogenic”. Do you know why this is a failed strategy? Because everyone has a camera today! Smartphones, tablets, even some watches.

You can always refuse, but with such dominance of cameras, you can earn a good paranoia. And still get your own photos from time to time, for example, in the company.

Much calmer for the psyche to spend half an hour to read this material, rehearse in front of the mirror and never be afraid to turn out badly again. There is no way to avoid photos. It’s up to you to decide whether these are good photos or a whole folder of horror stories for your grandchildren.

What to do the day before

A good photoshoot starts not even with a makeup artist and a good rest, but long before. For example, start now and come back to this question today during the day.

  1. View photos. In Instagram, a contact, a folder on your computer, or a paper album. You need to review all your photos, choose the best ones, and decide why they are good. Pose? Makeup? A smile? Angle? And if it worked then, it will work tomorrow!
  2. Remember a couple of pleasant events to bring a smile in front of the photographer. When, if not now?
  3. Carefully read the section of the article about makeup. Makeup is a photo preparation that can easily ruin the entire photoshoot.
  4. Love the mirror. The mirror partly shows how we will turn out in the photo. First, you need to choose clothes of the style and colors that suit you, and take into account the general patterns of color perception by the camera.
  5. Then take time to pose. Does the mirror show an approximate future frame? It’s a good time to try out a lot of potential shots and exclude those that highlight shortcomings.

Each person has a unique figure, a combination of facial features, hair color, and eyes. All this is not taken into account in the general recommendations, and either you try poses in front of a photographer, or in front of a mirror and go to the photographer with a ready-made set of successful combinations.

Now, when the photo session is just planned, it is important to pay attention to the preparation. Who better than you can take into account all your features?

This applies to both men and, of course, women. Guys refuse to take pictures because “I’m not good at it”, not less often than girls.

Which side to turn

We’ll leave the full-face photo for important documents. Does everyone remember how “beautiful” we are in the passport? So we will not repeat this mistake in those photos where we want to be beautiful.

Most of all, girls want to look natural, but fake photos are obtained at best as in a passport. We are not professional models.

Models by trial and error found the perfect face position in the photo. The head should be turned approximately 45 degrees toward the photographer. Something like this:

Of course, you don’t need to walk in front of the photographer with a protractor, but it doesn’t hurt to practice in front of a mirror. Or take a selfie.

I especially recommend taking selfies for guys, it will save them from looking in the mirror for a long time, and the resulting photos are easy to view and analyze.

The same applies to the whole body. And it would be strange to stand right in front of the photographer and look somewhere sideways. So the whole pose is not even but slightly turned sideways.

This, by the way, is a standard pose for photos on the red carpet. And if the most popular people in the world have been using this trick for decades, why shouldn’t we?

Tricks from Fitness Blogs

A few words about popular ad blocks with photos. For example, fitness models. Still, realize that these beautiful girls don’t look as perfect as in the photo?

It’s not just about photoshop, although the most illiterate turn to it. It’s all about the pose, angle, lighting, and so on. Pull in your stomach, put on pants with a higher waist, choose good lighting for yourself.

Everyone with a more or less standard figure can turn out to be a blogger. In what ways?

Head slightly sideways to the photographer, the ideal angle is 45 degrees.

A life hack to remove excess chins and emphasize the neck. We stretch out our necks and slightly lower our chin. It is better to practice a smile in advance in the mirror. Such a slight half-smile, in the photo example above, right image. Always looks really cool!

Due to the natural asymmetry of the face, it is better to turn around in front of the mirror in advance and choose a more attractive side.


Oddly placed hands can ruin any photo. How do I put my hands together?

  • Put them in your pockets. Remember that the elbows should be behind the body.
  • Something to hold. Bag, coffee, accessory. And put your other hand in your pocket or on your belt. Elbows behind the body!
  • On the belt. But! First, the elbows are behind the body. And, secondly, one hand on the belt, and the other is somehow different. Stretched out, with coffee… but not on the waist. The exception is photos for professional clothing models, but we’re all amateurs, aren’t we?
  • One arm is bent below the chest, the other to the chin or extended.
  • Hands together, like we’re about to clap.

How to put your hands together – you can write a whole book. But in general, you need to look at all your fantasies in the mirror, choose the right ones and then listen to the experience and well-trained look of the photographer.


The universal rule is that one leg is slightly bent and not necessarily at the same level as the other. It is better if the legs do not overlap each other.

Complex shapes will be left to professional models! I recommend that you carry all your body weight on one leg, and on the one that is behind you. You can read more about standing poses here.

And one more rule – the pose should be natural. There should be no feeling that the model dropped in the next second after the camera clicked. The photographer’s job is to make you look attractive and natural.


You can have as many beautiful hairstyles as you want, but the camera only sees you from the front. And for the photo, the hairstyle should be visible from the front.

The tailor bun at the back will simply not be visible, leaving the face without the desired frame. Even loose hair on the back will be useless to the photographer.

Perfectly – loose hair, framing the face. Bangs, a hairstyle with a hair allowance in front. Just before shooting, it is useful to fluff your hair a little so that the air creates a natural volume. The main thing is not to overdo it, get a morning hairstyle.

Facial expression

The face in the photo should be relaxed, the smile is natural, and the look is sincere. Seems unrealistic? The ability to relax the muscles of the face will help, among other things, in the fight against wrinkles. So I recommend searching the Internet.

And here and now you can start smiling at others to develop a natural smile. Save a couple of pleasant memories that allow you to release tension from the muscles and cause natural joy.

In photos, it is better to smile, ideally showing your teeth. But if you do not like it, then the mysterious smile of the Mona Lisa will look spectacular, do not forget to rehearse it!


Look directly at the camera – we’ll leave it for your passport. When shooting art, you need to look near the lens. Just below the lens – for a mysterious image, above-for dreamers.

There are more neutral options on the side. I recommend taking a couple of selfies for each look option and choosing the one that best emphasizes the trait you need.


With makeup, the mirror is our enemy, not our friend. Why?

  1. The camera usually “eats” the colors. Make-up should be more vivid than in real life.
  2. Except for the eyes. Bright, thick arrows will make your eyes look smaller and closed.
  3. It’s the same with dark shadows.
  4. Mother-of-pearl should be abandoned, it will be unprofitable to shine.
  5. The main enemy of the photo is highlighter and white powder. There will be white spots on the images, and the entire session will be ruined.
  6. Bright lipstick – dark skin. For light skin, the lipstick is neutral.
  7. Mascara and a thin outline will help to emphasize the eyes.
  8. There is no time – before the photo, pinch the pikes. Natural blush is better than artificial.

Makeup for photoshoots is a big and very complex topic. If possible, trust the professionals. If not, then study websites and videos. Or make do with basic make-up, the photos will turn out more natural.


Striped clothing is definitely not suitable for amateur photo shoots. Not only can it add weight or highlight flaws, it also ripples in the lens.

It’s definitely easier to just give it up. You should be careful about clothes with a pattern. A unique style can turn into clumsy photos. There should be only one item of clothing with the drawing. It is better if the drawing is large.

Plainclothes look best. Make sure that the color and style suit you. And it is better to check it on the photo because the camera slightly distorts colors and shapes.

Lighting and angle

The work of a photographer is also very important for creating the perfect picture. The lighting should be uniform. Good photographers put up artificial lighting and use a flash.

At home, I recommend taking photos, for example on your phone, in all rooms, and from different angles. And see where the light goes best.

Avoid lighting only on one side, as this light creates shadows on the face. The best photos are taken on a sunny day outside. The most mysterious ones with a claim to professionalism – during sunset and dawn.

The best way to get faces and figures is if the pictures are taken slightly from above. Although there may also be nuances here. It all depends on the focal length is.

Examples of win-win frames. Which poses exactly look good in the pictures? I will show you the most common subjects of home photo shoots and poses that definitely look great. But I still recommend that you rehearse them in advance so that they don’t look fake!

At the table

On the couch

On a chair

On the stairs

Standing against the wall

Standing without support

Portrait by the tree

These are examples of photos that will definitely be successful. At the photoshoot, I will suggest the best options for your figure, clothing, and makeup. And for home photos, I recommend that you try out the options from the examples given and try them out at the next meeting with your friends.

The most difficult thing in a world where most models are still thin is for girls who are overweight or with a non-standard figure. They definitely need to try many different poses for photos, so as not to emphasize their shortcomings. Being beautiful in a photo is a matter of posture, clothing, and makeup, not natural data.


The question of beautiful photos is quite voluminous and complex. Try it out, look for your own poses that will inspire you. When you are passionate, then you will definitely get super photos! If you want to take a picture of a couple, then the pose option is here.

Have a nice day and offer your own options for win-win poses. I am especially interested in options with girls or non-standard appearance. Write in the comments your thoughts on this issue. See you soon in new interesting reviews.

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