How to look Cute

In our life, you often hear: “She’s so cute!”. And immediately the fair sex becomes uncomfortable, especially for those who want to hear such words about their own person and have never heard them. How to look like a cute girl in appearance and character, and still be kind and calm? Or maybe it’s the same thing?

How to look Cute
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On the one hand, cuteness, like beauty, is always purely individual. That is, for someone you will be nice and dear, even if others seem rude and not tactful, and someone will never assign you such a title. On the other hand, there are generally accepted canons of comeliness and who can be called cute.

Such a girl has distinctive features in appearance, character, voice, behavior, manners, habits, etc. It usually seems attractive to a large number of people.

How do I look cute one?

You can become a cute girl if you follow certain rules.

Changes in appearance

Appearance is what makes you individual. This is where your image starts. And if a person is not yet known by character, then already by appearance you can say that the girl is cute. What are the features of this image and how do I create it?

Learn how to apply makeup

This isn’t about looking pale as a mouse all the time. Although for the image of a pretty creature, light, unobtrusive makeup in light colors is best suited. You can be bright and cute. It starts with the proportionality of the paint you put on your face. 

It should not be too much, and it is better – it should be a little. For example, if you are a hot brunette, it is clear that you do not need to apply light colors to your face. But to appear cute, it is not necessary in your case to paint your lips with bright lipstick, make up your eyes, draw arrows, or paint your eyelashes. This is excessive. If you have a bright appearance, just touch up your lips or shade your eyes.

If you are a blonde or light-skinned brown-haired woman, bright makeup is generally contraindicated for you. It definitely won’t make you cute. On the face of girls of this appearance, such makeup looks defiant, it is aggressive and creates the same image of the fair sex. You should choose pastel colors and bright blush, nothing more.

If you can’t find your image (in makeup) or just don’t understand how to put on makeup better, go to a cosmetologist and make-up artist. The first one will tell you what you absolutely can’t do with your skin. And the second one will teach you how to use makeup products according to your type.

Hairstyle is also an important part of your image 

Which one will make you cute? Yes, any of them. The main condition is that it should suit your style, you, and your face. Agree, a girl with long hair, braided or without braids can look cute. Just as beautiful can be a woman with a short haircut under the “sparrow”. 

No less elegant is a representative of the fair sex with a square or other haircut. You can be slightly ” shaggy “(stylishly) or, on the contrary, strictly combed. It is advisable to stick to the chosen style in the hairstyle if it suits you. It is worth choosing even one hairdresser with whom you have complete harmony in terms of haircuts. Then you can save your cute image for as long as possible.

If you yourself do not understand how you will feel better, go to the hair salon. Find an experienced artist who can help you choose an image.

The style of clothing is what completes your image,

makes it complete. It should also be individual, suitable for your role as a nice lady. At the same time, it is important to understand that clothing in this issue is an addition to the image, and not a hairstyle and makeup – in addition to clothing. Do not get carried away by fashion and trends, they will not make you cute and interesting. 

It is considered that there should be no more than 1/3 of fashionable items in the wardrobe. It is better if everything else is made up of classic items that can be combined with trends. You also need to understand that clothing that bares your breasts or makes you vulgar and provocative will no longer complement your image of a cute woman. Such nuances the girl feels herself. In general, finding your own style in clothing is an important requirement for those who have decided to become cute by all means.

If you need help, contact a professional. He will certainly pick up stylish good things for you, which you can decorate with cute accessories. This way, you will look different in the eyes of others, the way you would like.

Changing your Character

This is the most difficult part, you will have to try to develop certain qualities in yourself if you do not have them:


No nice person (who people think of as such) can be unfriendly. At the same time, you must sincerely become so, and not seem. We need to start treating people and the world differently. It is almost impossible to show friendliness insincerely because those with whom you communicate will surely understand how real you are. 

Since this is a constant benevolent attitude towards all people, it should also apply to everyone, and not to individuals. This is not easy to do right away, especially if you have treated everyone in your life as they deserve. The cute girl you’ve decided to become can’t afford that. And this is her dignity, her self-control. But it’s very difficult to be friendly to everyone. Try. And you’ll see.


Help in difficult situations. Be there when people need it. Be able to help anyone in need, again regardless of their own preferences and attitudes towards certain people. Imagine a girl who has just been affectionately called cute by someone.

And then she shows anger and refuses to help some person, allegedly because of mutual hostility. It is unlikely that you would have turned the tongue to consider such a creature cute in the future. Therefore, to be such a girl, you need to learn to forgive everyone and be responsive and kind to all people.


This applies not only to gestures and facial expressions in general. Here the most important thing is to smile. A nice person always smiles, because he is open to people and the world in which he lives. But at the same time, it is important that you do not just” show your teeth “(there are some people who constantly have a” strained smile”),

but smile sincerely! Always be with a friendly face – this is also something you need to learn. But if you are determined to become a nice girl, you just need to start changing your attitude to people and to life. And then affability, responsiveness, friendliness, and everything else.


This is not the same thing as being friendly and being able to smile at everyone and light up the world with sincerity. Positivity is even more complex than all the other traits of a nice woman described earlier. It does not appear by itself in the manner of a person. 

This is the attitude to life, to yourself, a certain life philosophy with which a girl meets the dawn and sees off the sunset. And if you can appear friendly, affable, and even sympathetic, then you can’t seem positive! Surely you know such people. They seem to smile, they seem to laugh, and after frequent communication with them, you want to cry. 

Their negative thoughts still slip through, one way or another they start whining and complaining about something. And, it seems, as if “infected” with something when I talked with such a person. A girl in this role, as a rule, is always whining and complaining about life (no money, illnesses, men are bastards, etc.). Somehow she is not very nice at such moments, right?

Positivity is a person’s inner attitude to life. When he sees the source of happiness not in the outside world, but inside himself. Such a girl never complains about life, does not blame all the deadly sins of men with whom she was unlucky. She doesn’t dwell on the past at all. A positive person has a present and a future that they prefer not to think about in advance. From this there is joy and inner radiance, seeing which, such a girl wants to be called cute. Even those who don’t like her at all.


This trait adorns any person and a girl in particular. How does it manifest itself? In the absence of constant “yapping”. In the ability not to focus on your person for a reason or without a reason. In the unwillingness to expose themselves and their charms for show. This, of course, is not just downcast, lowered eyes to the floor. 

Modesty is the ability to be calm, reserved, and moderate in everything. And it is true (and not ostentatious) modesty that often tips the scales in the direction of the girl. Such representatives of the fair sex are often called cute. Modesty is also difficult to learn, especially if you have never been distinguished by it. In this case, you should try to be more restrained and calm.

Small tricks

This is something that will help you be nicer than you, let’s say, really are. Make a note of them, as they can brighten up your shortcomings.


Your voice and manner of speech will help you look better if you learn to speak softly, on the exhale, without raising your voice. Why is this so important? The fact is that the manner of speech of a person in communication with him is immediately visible. Agree that first of all begin to impress a person who is soft, quiet, calm, then a loud (even cheerful) talker! In addition, this inimitable way of speaking with a breathy voice is important for the girl. 

Just don’t overdo it! There are some ladies who are used to rolling their eyes languidly and talking like that to everyone, even the potato sellers in the market! Apparently, this is how they feel the vibes of their own sexuality. But remember, you want to be nice, not loose, and accessible (which is what a girl’s voice tells you if she speaks in this manner).

Body language is important

What is it? Again, not to be confused with seductively licked lips, outstretched legs. No. Every gesture of a cute girl is a cute gesture! Gentle! Smooth! Flexible! Timid! Her movements are calm but flexible. It easily and beautifully tucks a lock of hair behind the ear. Casually tilts his head to the side to look, gently turning his head. A cute girl walks with an elegant gait, measured and light. She’s good at every move. We should strive for this.

Lady’s habits (etiquette, hobbies). 

The rules of etiquette should be learned by anyone, and especially by a girl who has decided to become nice. It is often easier to win people over if you know how to behave at the table, know how to respond in conversations and conversations, and easily create an atmosphere of comfort, peace, and beauty. 

In addition, it is important to understand that a cute girl can not have excessively “active” hobbies. No, this does not mean that she should only sing, play musical instruments, embroider with a cross, or dance gracefully at balls. It’s probably just that it’s hard to call a member of the fair sex that way if she wears a helmet on a motorcycle or is passionate about cold weapons. Remember: a nice girl is always reserved, calm, moderate in everything!


If you are determined to look like a cute girl and be liked by most people around you, you need to understand the main thing-first you need to change your inner world. And appearance and manners will become an appendix to your new “I”. A sweetheart is first of all a relative, a close one. So it’s worth thinking about. Maybe if no one tells you that you are cute, then it’s not that you need to change and like everyone in a row. And find someone for whom you will be nice and native in any case.

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