How to look attractive

Everyone wants to look beautiful and stylish, but wanting to make her appearance more attractive, it’s so easy to lose her sense of proportion and achieve the opposite effect! As you know, the image consists of small things that, among other things, must be combined with each other. In this article, we will talk about common mistakes made by men and women in the pursuit of beauty, as well as how to correct them.

How to look attractive
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Let’s start with the mood

Even the most perfect makeup will not make a gloomy girl with a heavy look attractive. Of course, you can’t hide your mood in a chest, but still, a slight sadness and a dismissive attitude towards other people are different things. Your mood should in no way affect the interests of others, but even if you behave quite culturally, you will agree that a person with a sour expression does not have to communicate.

There is one such common female misconception — to arouse the interest of a man, you need to look beautiful and inaccessible. To dispel this myth, look at the situation through the eyes of a man: a girl in full dress, which means that she wants to get acquainted, but at the same time, for some reason, fills her price and behaves arrogantly. I don’t think we would have liked it if men had behaved in this way. But they are real people, and everything that is unpleasant to us does not delight them either…

Develop your confidence

Understanding confidence can be tricky. If you are too confident, you can easily give the impression of being vain, pompous, or arrogant. However, self-doubt will make you look like a shy or generally insecure person.

A confident man knows his strengths and weaknesses and is not afraid to manage them.

For example, a confident man will look you in the eye, smile, and approach you without fear. You can “fake it until you’re successful” or sign up for an interpersonal course in your city in advance if you want to boost your confidence.

Sense of humor

People who have a good sense of humor are considered more sociable and intelligent. They easily predispose to themselves and even the most reserved and unsociable heroes of everyday life feel comfortable in their company. To develop a sense of humor.

Be honest and open

A woman is much more disturbed than it seems, the fact that she caught you lying on the first date. Even if it is something insignificant, for example, what kind of sports you did in an educational institution. Lying will make you look bad in her eyes and push you away completely.

A liar is unattractive. If you have a habit of frequently lying or embellishing with fiction, even small details, stop. You should also be open-minded.

If you are uncomfortable talking about the mundane details of your life and have nothing to brag about, then train as much as possible. You don’t need to reveal your secrets or share them excessively, but being able to talk without awkward silences or a “sheer safety wall” will calm the girl you’re dating.

Improve your body language

Regardless of your height, you need to stand up straight. If you are noticeably taller than your future life partner, do not loom over her or fill her space. Talk to yourself in private in front of the mirror, look at your own facial expressions and gestures.

Walk-in front of a full-length mirror and carefully study how you move.

A confident posture can boost testosterone levels, as well as help with problems such as back pain. If you need tips on body language, the topic is covered in detail in many popular media formats.

Avoid being “aggressive”

The vast majority of pick-up companies and websites of the corresponding direction talk about how girls love aggressive men. While it’s true that some women find it primitively appealing, the rest of us find it creepy and incredibly offensive.

If you try to take her hand and she pulls away, let go. If she doesn’t want to give you her phone number, politely decline the conversation and go your own way.

If you stand next to her and she backs away, don’t invade her space again. You need to be confident and friendly, not creepy.

Respect her limits and watch her body language. If you behave aggressively, you may get slapped or thrown out of the bar. It’s not worth it. You need a girl who is receptive to you.

The halo effect

Most people have one thing in common: they draw conclusions about the character and intelligence of a stranger just based on their appearance. This is what social psychology calls the halo effect. That’s why it’s so important to always be neat, have a couple of branded items in your wardrobe, at least one watch, and expensive shoes.


A smile is a simple and straightforward way to let the other person know that you are interested in them. Although there is a special type of people who are attracted to the opposite serious appearance with a rare restrained smile. So before you try to defeat someone in this way, make sure that you are dealing with someone who is willing to appreciate your efforts.

Surround yourself with friends

In one of the episodes of the 4th season of the TV series “How I met your Mother” Barney Stinson talks about the ” cheerleader effect.” If we don’t go into details, the essence of the effect is that in the circle of friends we look more attractive, and, by the way, we behave much more confidently.


Make-up differs from makeup in that it only slightly emphasizes our natural attractiveness, and hides flaws. That is why everyday cosmetics do not need to be bright. But, as you know, if you can’t, but really want to then you can. You can add brightness to your image, and at the same time look beautiful, and not defiant if you highlight a certain part of the face with cosmetics. If you have beautiful lips, you can paint them with bright lipstick, but in order for the emphasis to be on the lips, eye makeup should be minimal. If you want to emphasize the expressiveness of the look, you can draw arrows on the eyelids and use shadows of any color, but then do not highlight the lips, eyebrows too brightly, give up the unnatural color of blush, etc.

You want to look beautiful at any time of the day, including in the morning. If you decide on permanent makeup, that is, tattooing your eyes, lips, or eyebrows, know that it is unlikely that you will be able to reduce it without consequences when you get tired of it. If in your situation such a decision will only benefit you, do not make the tattoo too obvious. Let it only slightly emphasize your advantages, and not make you look like an anime-style cartoon character.


Hairstyling should correspond to your natural characteristics, age, and of course, location. A shock of loose hair looks beautiful and sexy only in one case if it’s cool outside, and there are not too many people around you. How to get on the nerves of a lover of loose hair in public transport during rush hour! Surely, each of us had the experience of communicating with one of the “cute ladies”, whose hair was accidentally caught by the hand in an attempt to grab the handrail.

In general, any hair looks beautiful if it is clean. Here is such a simple truth… You need to wash your hair not according to the schedule, but as the hair gets dirty. If nature requires it, nothing terrible will happen if you wash your hair every day, as is customary in most European countries.

Hair Color

If you dye your hair, remember that the color you choose should match your appearance type.

Black hair goes to natural brown-haired women with not very light skin. A natural blonde, painted black, will look unnatural, and her naturally whitish skin may even acquire a bluish hue. Keep in mind that dark hair colors sharpen your facial features and tend to emphasize various flaws in your appearance.

Brown hair suits everyone.

Red hair looks beautiful on girls with fair skin. Dark skin, dark eyebrows, and red hair can not be combined in principle. If you really want to, then take care of coloring your eyebrows, so as not to allow a sharp contrast.

Blonde hair. If a girl has blonde hair, and she adheres to a natural tone, it remains only to wish her not to stray from the chosen course. Unfortunately, most often the situation is different. Carried away by lightening the hair, with each painting, some women have a desire to become more and more snow-white, as a result of which they begin to resemble imitators of the image of a Barbie doll. In the 90s, it didn’t look strange, if only because many people did. If you keep up with the times, then you already know that natural beauty is now in trend, and this rule also applies to hair colors.


Well-groomed hands are nice to look at, and even if a girl just cuts her nails, they are neat at the same time — it looks very beautiful. As for a bright manicure, then you need to be careful.

Extended nails were popular, like any new cosmetic procedure, at the time of their introduction. Currently, gel nails will not surprise anyone, and most people are well aware that girls build up their nails mainly when they have no time to take care of them. From beauty, this smoothly turned into convenience, so that, as they say, you don’t know a couple of weeks of grief and constantly look good. If you still like nail extensions, just try not to make your nails too long, and ask the master to cover them with a minimum layer of gel.

Transparent colors of glitter lacquers are no longer relevant. They can look good on the hands of a very young girl, emphasizing her tenderness, but on the nails of an adult woman, a dense layer of varnish without the effect of transparency looks much better.


Clothing looks very beautiful and stylish when it suits its owner. So that your appearance is admired, not sympathetic, choose things that emphasize your strengths and mitigate your shortcomings. Unfortunately, many people either do not understand this, or they are desperately struggling with complexes…

The fashion for tight trousers was the clearest example of this. On the street, you could see crowds of women every day, which this style of clothing does not adorn at all. If you take any of them for example, and take her by the hand to a well-known Russian TV project, with the help of stylists, she would easily find her own individual style, and on returning home she would give her things to her friends ( at best). This is just a small example, but the conclusion is obvious clothes should adorn, not spoil your appearance.

Do not wear something that has long gone out of fashion. Again, there are many examples, but let’s look at the main one, which is still relevant today. We are talking about jeans with a low waist. This is the fashion of the early 2000s, which came to us from the West, but many girls mistakenly consider this type of clothing sexy, so they continue to bare their flat tummy in order to please men.

In fact, a high waist that ends at the navel line looks very beautiful, because it visually lengthens the legs. If you still have your favorite low-waisted jeans, there is no need to give them up. They can be combined with a long tunic, and at the same time look stylish and attractive.


Shoes, first of all, should be neat and match your style of clothing. The second rule is that your feet need comfort. If the shoes are tight or uncomfortable, you will not be able to look beautiful at least because of the uncertain gait. Agree, a girl in sneakers looks sexier than a limping glamorous lady in high heels.

Speaking of heels. No wonder they say that the worse the soul, the brighter the lipstick and higher the heel. Many women who are in search of their happiness can be seen from afar. The flashy appearance serves as a kind of advertisement, but it is not those for whom it is intended that react to it. The girl tries her best to be attractive, but the brightness is mainly paid attention to by adventurers and easy relationships.

In order not to look provocative, do not combine high-heeled shoes with too revealing clothing. Pay attention to the color of your shoes as well. You can visually lengthen your legs by wearing nude or beige stiletto heels. Tights should also be light. If you are growing below average, it is better to refuse too high heels, so as not to deprive the image of harmony.


You can look expensive even without eye-catching logos from famous fashion designers. A high-quality handbag from an unknown manufacturer may look stylish, but a cheap fake of the brand will spoil your whole look.


Generous people seem more attractive, good-natured, responsive, and responsible. Note that artists, actors, and businessmen who contribute to charitable foundations are much more sympathetic than those who live in the affluent world. Be able to do something that is not for your own benefit.

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