How to latch hook for beginners

How to latch hook for beginners

When you first begin to make rugs, using a latch hook kit is very helpful. Kits can be purchased at craft stores or online. The first step is deciding on a type of scene. Types of kits include animals, scenery, floral, Disney, cartoon characters, Precious Moments, and many others.

For a learner, small and simple is better than large and complex. For your first kit, the fewer colors the better. It is very easy to see a beautiful scene and decide to make that your first project. It is also likely that you will tire of the project when you have to focus on which of three reds is the right one for a specific place. One kit has a palm tree against a beige background. There are only two colors and thus a kit like this is excellent to begin.

Before you take your new latch hook kit home, be sure you have the proper tools for the project. You will need a latch hook, and binding for the project when it is complete. Make sure to test the handle so you get a latch hook that is comfortable to use.

When you open your new kit, you will find a printed canvas, yarn and instructions. Do not lose the instructions as they are your guide. Read them over, and see if you have any questions. Despite the apparent complexity of using a latch hook from the instructions, it is quite simple. Take a piece of yarn, fold it in half, the place the folded spot on the hook, and leave the latch open. Put the hook into the bottom left square on the canvas while holding the ends of the yarn around the hook.

As you pull the hook back, the latch will close and the yarn will form a loop over the section of canvas. Make sure the ends are equal, and gently tug them to tighten the loop. Smooth them down, and move on to the next square to the left. After you finish a row, go to the next row up. It is very important that each loop is made in the same direction. If not, the yarn will not lie evenly, and your project will have an amateur appearance.

The reason for starting at the bottom, rather than the top is that the yarn needs to be smoothed out of your way as you continue to work. Each successive layer will lay over the previous one, somewhat like shingles on a house. And when you finish the top row, you will see a rug that looks just like the picture on the box. Now is the time for the binding. After all your time and effort, you want the masterpiece to remain intact.

Since this is your first time, it is a good idea to use iron-on binding, rather than sewing it on. Follow the directions on the binding package, and voila you have a completed rug.

The next time you get a kit, you can be more ambitious and purchase one with more colors. And each time you complete one, you will be more and more skilled. Eventually, if you desire, you can design and create your very own rug.

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