How to know if it’s true love

How to know if it’s true love

After many dates, you think you have found a better person. This is your dream companion, who will stand by you, thick and thin. You’re finally ready to tie the knot.

But is it love?

Or is it cheap imitation, such as magic, lust, or even simple companionship?

Here are a few things to consider when making the final decision to change your life:

  • Do you want what is best for this person, or do you want this person to be able to help you? For example, if your partner gets a great job in another city, are you ready to take the risk and move on, or would you expect a job opportunity for you? Will be left aside? Love means putting the other person’s needs ahead of your own, even when it involves sacrifice. While blind agreement is unrealistic and unreasonable for any disagreement, think carefully about what is best for each of you individually and as a couple.
  • Do you enjoy watching this person or talking to him more? Both are important for a strong relationship, but if you find yourself in conflict with your physical appearance, attracted to your partner because of your face, shape or form, you will be taking a superficial look at your loved one. ۔ On the other hand, you don’t want to get into flattery or false statements. If your main point is not all words and deeds, it can be a warning sign that you end the relationship before breaking one broken promise after another. The balance of physical and mental attraction is a healthy signal.
  • Are you willing to wait for the relationship to work? For example, if your partner forces you to do something that you do not feel comfortable with, can you not be sure? Will your answer be handled with respect and patience? It also goes both ways. Are you willing to wait for your partner to be more serious when he or she is ready, or are you just asking for more conversation? Can you wait for marriage until the other person finishes school or you insist on living together first? Patience is a key to a successful, long-term relationship.
  • Do you meet expectations and needs? For example, if you need extra work now to pay off your pre-marital debt, does your spouse feel that the situation is temporary and that you have extra hours at work instead of complaining about your absence? What are you waiting for? If this person has a to-do list before you both meet, do you offer help?
  • Are you friends Generally speaking, empathy lasts longer. People in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s may lose their physical infirmity, but they continue to search for fun and cohabitation till the end. Do you laugh together Enjoy similar activities? Share with friends and family? Or do you expect your perfect partner to spend all your free time exclusively with you?

Loving another person involves self-sacrifice and compromise. If you are attracted to someone for whom you do not like to be patient and want to share all the parts of your life, you may face a lot of work or frustration after marriage. Take the time now to evaluate your relationship with these and other factors to see if you can create a life that can live up to your dreams for fifty years or more. Because when you wake up, your partner will still be there.

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