How to knit a child’s scarf

How to knit a child's scarf

Love to knit or want to learn?

You will find no more appreciative audience for your handiwork than your favorite child! And the quickest project to knit up for a child is a cozy winter scarf.

Knitting a child’s scarf is a fun project for a beginning knitter. Kids don’t care if your gauge isn’t perfect, or if you dropped a stitch. They will love to wear something made especially for them by someone they love. A scarf is a quick, simple project that will improve your skills and give you a wonderful sense of accomplishment since it can immediately be put to use.

When knitting for a child, you can really let your imagination run wild. Choose bright colors, the more the merrier. In fact, knitting a kid’s scarf is a terrific way to use up all of those pretty scraps of yarn you have been hoarding. You know the ones. They were too nice to throw away, but not long enough to actually make anything useful out of! When one color runs out, you can change to the next, which will give you a pattern of random-length stripes. Don’t be afraid to mix textures or stitches as well as colors, again, this is a great sort of project with which to improvise, there is pretty much no wrong way to go about it.

While scarves don’t really require you to worry about fit, feel free to make something a little longer than you absolutely need to in order to get it around the child’s neck. The longer it is, the warmer it can be (provided they remember to wrap it around their necks a few times rather than leave it dangling so they can trip over it !), and unlike a sweater, a nice long scarf can never be outgrown.

Choose a stitch or pattern that will work up into a sturdy fabric. While lacy patterns may look like something your little princess would admire, open work knitting can trap little fingers and get caught on coat buttons. A thicker pattern will also hold up better when the scarf gets dragged on the playground or stuffed in a school locker. Since your little one is bound to love your creation, making it sturdy will make sure it will last a good long time.

Be careful when choosing your yarn that you get something that can be washed, even if it needs to be washed by hand. Dry-clean-only fibers aren’t practical where kids are involved. The scarf is more than likely going to wind up with something spilled on it someday. There are some high quality acrylic yarns on the market now that work up beautifully, and several manufacturers now make wool/acrylic blends that give you the richness of the wool, and the sturdiness of the acrylic. Even some 100% wool yarns made today have been treated so that they are cold-water washable. Just make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions on care and cleaning before you purchase your yarn.

Finished knitting? Don’t forget the fringe! For a quick way to get even fringe, find a book that is the same length or width as the desired fringe length. Wind your yarn around the book as many times as you need, cut one side, and you are all finished all the fringe you want to be cut to the exact same size. Wrap your scarf around your child when you are finished!

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