How to Keep Deer Out of a Garden

Deer Out of a Garden

While beautiful to look at, deer can be quite a nuisance, nibbling, and enjoying your expensive shrubs and foliage. Your backyard can become a sanctuary for hungry deer unless you use appropriate deterrents.

There are a few techniques when used correctly should help rid yourself of deer. One such technique is using Predator Urine. Coyote urine is the most effective against deer. Deer detect the smell of natural enemies by the scent of their urine. Using a combination of hot pepper wax combined with predator urine is an effective combination to deter deer. Be careful never to spray the urine directly on the shrubs as the acidic levels will kill your plants.

The product can be squirted in small plastic darts that can be inserted about 10 feet apart along the edge of the area you wish to protect. Most manufacturers will offer a 30 day dispenser. Hang about 10 feet apart and refill every 30 days. Often placing the scent on both sides to gain the advantage of the prevailing winds is another good procedure.

Perhaps the most effective method of preventing deer from marauding your yard is building a deer fence. Deer have excellent hearing but poor eyesight, so make sure the fence is visible so they do not ensnare themselves in it. Items to avoid would be any sort of meshing or single strands of fishing line that quite often go undetected.

An inexpensive fence can be constructed using 12 foot high posts, string several lines of monofilament fishing line between the posts, attaching varied colored streamers. Deer do not see colors very well, so the more colors, the better.

More expensive but more efficient is a triple strand electric fence. Deer may be hungry or bold enough to jump one of them, but usually will refuse to jump two or three!

The family dog is an excellent adversary to deer, but many deer are clever enough to outfox a dog!

You can also try planting shrubs and evergreens that are not palatable to deer, such as peonies, irises, and tiger lilies. Check your local nursery for more information on which plants deer avoid.

Using a combination of the above techniques will ensure your yard is not a place for the deer to roam.

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